⭐️MOMO Token Master — Alpha⭐️

5 min readMay 20, 2021


👋Hey MOBOXers!!

🎉The time has come for our first #NFT game “ MOMO TOKEN MASTER” to launch!🎉.

Also did you know a whopping 50,000 MBOX is also up for grabs during the Alpha Test?!🤯

Can we get a WOOP WOOP!🙌

We hope you are just as exited as we are and you have been collecting your MOMOs for this game! 🎮

⏱ Alpha test will run from 20th May and will conclude on the 27th of May at 12:00 UTC

➡️Game is now live, access it HERE

⭐️All open ALPHA players on TOKEN MASTER..⭐️

✅Will Receive 3 Common MOMOs that you can use to participate in the open ALPHA Test. *MOMOs given are for open ALPHA only and can not be SOLD!

⭐️Now lets get started on what is needed for this ALPHA.⭐️

💻PC Registration:

1. You will need to register a MOBOX platform account and bind your MOMO NFT Farmer BSC Address.
Follow the below steps if you have not registered an account for the MOBOX platform account as yet.

2. Pick a unique username enter your email and click on verification code, wait to receive the verification code in your email ( also be sure to check your spam/junk email folder) and click NEXT.

3. Once you have set up your MOBOX account the second step you will need to do is bind your BSC address to the MOBOX account

To Bind your BSC address follow the next 3 steps as shown below.

Once you have clicked on “Bind MOMO Farmer address” another pop up will come up ( as shown below)

Pop Up After Bind MOMO Farmer Address

4. Note: For this step you will need to use one of the wallets above to connect to the mobox.io website. If you are on a desktop using ( Chrome, Brave, Firefox) you can use any of the plugin wallets available.
Please connect your wallet that you use where your MOMOs are located.

💻 That is it folks! Those are your instructions for connecting your MOMO wallet address on a desktop.

📱 If you are going to play via the MOBOX mobile wallet follow the below steps.

📱 Registering via MOBOX mobile App:

☑️1. The Android APK Can be downloaded directly from our Website, or via this LINK (Google store app is currently not the latest version, hence please download APK from the mobox.io website).

☑️2. For iOS users, the MOBOX wallet can be found directly on the App Store or downloaded via the following LINK.

☑️ 3. Once you have downloaded the MOBOX wallet and set it up with the 12-word backup phrase, you can now import your private key from another wallet that you own.
Once you have done that stage simply follow the below process.

Go to -> ME -> Login-> Sign up Now -> Register with your E-mail

☑️ 4. Now that you have registered, simply head over to User info as shown below.
Then Bind MOMO Address pick your BSC address (make sure you have bound the address where your MOMOS are located) and then click confirm.

☑️ 5. ️Now that you have bound your MOMO address to the platform. You will need to utilize the BOX wallet of our website while playing the MOMO Token Master game.

💻 Depositing into BOX wallet from Desktop

**To use MBOX tokens during the Alpha Test the MBOX will need be in your BOX wallet.**

➡️ To deposit MBOX tokens into the BOX wallet, on a desktop device follow the steps below.
☑️Click on BOX and then simply click on Deposit and from there you can deposit tokens to play in the game (only deposit BEP20 tokens)

📲 Depositing into BOX wallet from Mobile

➡️ For depositing via the MOBOX wallet, simply go to “ Assets” then change your wallet to the “BOX wallet” by pressing the orange lines, as shown in picture 1 , click on MOBOX and then deposit from there.

🔁 Alpha Test continued

◾️ As this is an Alpha test, 48 hours after the test concludes all MBOX used will be refunded to your BOX wallet.

◾️ There will be rewards for the open alpha , which will be 50,000 MBOX tokens which will be distributed through the in-game mail at the end of the Alpha.

◾️ All the data and progress will be reset ad the end of the Alpha test. The Alpha test will end on the 27th of May at 12:00 UTC.

And There We Have It…


Now Who Is Ready To Play & Earn @ mobox.io




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