👋Hey there MOBOXers!

It’s nice to see you all back here for another fab update this week.

Read along and find out more on what's happening on this jam-packed week ahead.

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📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Platform Stats
  • MOMO Block Brawler Launched!
  • Upcoming Platform updates
  • MBOX Burn

📊Platform Stats:

  • Total Chests…

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Hey Hey MOBOXers!

Here is our MOBOX Platform update for the 29th of September

1️⃣Remove the limit of BOX Supper raffle amount from the 10th raffle period (from tomorrow onwards)

2️⃣Added MOMO enhancement
Rare MOMOs with initial hash power <80 and Epic MOMOs with initial hash power <150 can be enhanced.
Enhancement requires the consumption of crystal🔮 (MEC) and MBOX at the same time.
*You can see this already by going into MY MOMO and then checking the upgrade!

3️⃣Added MEC BOX Raffle🎟📦
There is a hash power raffle and veMBOX lottery. For more details, please check MEC BOX lottery rules. on the yellow “?” for full details

4️⃣Launched the MEC BOX system📦

Note: MEC BOX is expected to open trading on October 13

Until next time

👋Howdy MOBOXers!

💥We have had a smashing week!

➡️ With so much hip and happening; the MDEX lottery, a LEGENDARY Auction & BETA version of Block Brawler kicking off just to name a few!✨

This Week Has More MOMO-Mazing Adventures ahead…

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📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Platform Stats
  • Upcoming…

Hey Hey MOBOXers

Below is the MOBOX platform update for the 23rd of September

👩‍🌾NFT Farmer:

1️⃣BOX 📦 Raffle price adjusted from 20 BUSD to “previous round average price / 5”
2️⃣MOMO Max level increased from 30 to 40.

3️⃣MOMO Upgrade preview added level 31–40. Rare MOMO added 41–80 hashpower preview. Epic MOMO added 121–150 hashpower preview.

4️⃣ BOX and Gem marketplace added previous week average price.

👩‍💻Token Master

At the end of Season 16 (Today’s season), Token Master will be temporarily unavailable (ETA 1 week) as we make adjustments to the season leaderboard rewards.

please see previous announcement:



Until next week ✌️

MOBOX Crew Signing off

Save Play Earn @ www.mobox.io

As our platform continues to grow, here at MOBOX we are continually looking for ways to adapt, design & implement suitable changes to meet the needs of our every-growing community. …

👋Ahoy-hoy MOBOXers

WOWZA! 🤯 What A Week It Has Been.

➡️The Alpha Test Of MOMO Block Brawler Began With a 💥

✨A Platform Update Took Place

& So Much More MOMO-mazing fun things in-between 🙌

This Week Holds More MOBOX Adventures ahead…

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📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Platform Stats

What happens when you bring two Decentralized forces to GameFi & Rock The Crypto Space?

A MOMO-MDXplosion of MOBOX Madness! That’s What Happens!

MOBOX has Partnered up with MDEX!

To bring you an Epic Combination of:

✅ New & Legendary MOMO NFTs
✅ Opportunities to earn MDX
✅ and so much more…

👋Hey Hey MOBOXers

Team MOBOX here comin’ at ya!
With another update to keep y’all in the know with all things trending, new & bringing you the latest and greatest events.

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📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Stats on; TVL, Chests, NFTs Traded & MBOX
  • MOMO Block Brawler Alpha Test

👋Hi There MOBOXers

Wow What An Incredible Jam-Packed Week It Has Been! 🤯
We Are Almost Certain That You Would All Agree On That One 😏

➕ if that wasn't enough excitement for one week
Here We are again Comin At Ya with another update
on all the newest &…


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