As our platform continues to grow, here at MOBOX we are continually looking for ways to adapt, design & implement suitable changes to meet the needs of our every-growing community. We do this so the platform remains enjoyable & as well keeping up to date with the fast paced and forever changing gaming NFT industry.

The following is a mini-roadmap of what to expect in the coming 2–3 months.

⭐️As part of these updates we will have:

(Not Financial Advice)

✅1. Raffle adjustment: BOX📦

👋Ahoy-hoy MOBOXers

WOWZA! 🤯 What A Week It Has Been.

➡️The Alpha Test Of MOMO Block Brawler Began With a 💥

✨A Platform Update Took Place

& So Much More MOMO-mazing fun things in-between 🙌

This Week Holds More MOBOX Adventures ahead…

🔍 Have a browse below 👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

📊Platform Stats:

📈 Token Holders & Rankings Increased 📈

Since last weeks update our MBOX token…

What happens when you bring two Decentralized forces to GameFi & Rock The Crypto Space?

A MOMO-MDXplosion of MOBOX Madness! That’s What Happens!

MOBOX has Partnered up with MDEX!

To bring you an Epic Combination of:

✅ New & Legendary MOMO NFTs
✅ Opportunities to earn MDX
✅ and so much more

Here at MOBOX we pride ourselves in bringing communities together.
We are consistently looking at ways in-which we can partner & combine with some extra amazing Crypto Communities. In this growing ecosystem we believe mingling together and supporting one and other is of great importance.

So NOW without…

👋Hey Hey MOBOXers

Team MOBOX here comin’ at ya!
With another update to keep y’all in the know with all things trending, new & bringing you the latest and greatest events.

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📰 In This Weeks News:

📊Platform Stats:

👋Hi There MOBOXers

Wow What An Incredible Jam-Packed Week It Has Been! 🤯
We Are Almost Certain That You Would All Agree On That One 😏

➕ if that wasn't enough excitement for one week
Here We are again Comin At Ya with another update
on all the newest & latest things on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

📊Platform stats:

👋Hi There MOBOXers

Welcome to another week with another Fun-Packed Update.

Check out the ins & outs on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

📊Platform stats:

📦Binance NFT Marketplace / Mystery Boxes📦

Since the first Mystery Box launch on the Binance NFT Marketplace was a complete success. Where 23,500 boxes where sold out in two seconds, RECORD TIME ! 🤯

🤝We have decided to team up once again with Binance NFT Marketplace and as a part of this you will have a chance to win a…..

Rare Binance MOMO NFT 🙌

There will be only 50 of theses available!🤯

Wanna know how to win?

Of course you do! 👇

Here’s How:
⭐️ If you collect a full set of MOMOs (The same MOMO common, uncommon, unique, rare) through the Binance Mystery Boxes, you…

As previously announced MOBOX has teamed up with Team Alliance & Loda for a Legendary experience!

👉 If you are not already familiar with Loda and Team Alliance. Team Alliance is a world renowned Esports gaming organization and is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. 🎮

🤝With this epic team up we have not only joined forces to create an awesome event but we are also bringing you a Treasure Hunt for a chance to win your very own Legendary Loda MOMO NFT! 🤯

➡️ Now… MOBOXers are you ready to go on a treasure hunt?🔍

Well HERE…

⭐️MOBOX From The Beginnings⭐️

Since launched just over 3 months ago, MOBOX has been the number 1 Gaming / NFT project on Binance Smart Chain. It is Safe to say from these results MOBOX is not just another whitepaper that promises to deliver.
We promise and we deliver!

🎮More Then Just Games 🎮

Here at MOBOX we have been working endlessly behind the scenes to bring you the many already released and on going updates to the MOBOX platform. Inclusive of this we have also successfully created/released Games such as the already launched “Momo Token Master” our second NFT game is just around the corner “ Momo Block Brawler”…

👋Hey YO MOBOXers!

MOBOX Here Comin At Ya!

With all the newest things on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

📊Platform stats:

📦Binance NFT Marketplace📦


MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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