Welcome to all things MOMO at MOBOX.
Previously we have written a guide on how to stake on the platform, if you have not read it and want to know more, you can read the
how to stake guide here.
Today’s Guide is all about our NFT MOMOs, particularly how you can obtain them and upgrade them.

MOBOX wallet

Before we get into all things MOMO, we would like to ensure you are able to have a true MOBOX experience, while accessing the MOBOX platform and interacting with it, we recommend using our MOBOX wallet.

Where to download the wallets/app:

☑️The MOBOX Android wallet can be downloaded…

Introducing the Gem system which is a brand new NFT system to customize your MOMOs!
👀 whaaaat?!?! that’s right customize your MOMOs

The Gem system will be using the ERC1155 standard and can be obtained by using MBOX.
Only a set amount of Gems will be released daily. Gems will be released according to a MBOX lottery system. MOBOXers can participate in the lottery by using their MBOX tokens. Any MOBOXer who does not receive Gems will have their MBOX tokens returned.

So..Without further ado, introducing to you the GEM system with the full details below!

Launching 8th of May

💎Gem Standard

👋Hey Hey It’s Update Day!

MOBOX crew here bringing you the weekly info to keep you in the know.

This week we have news on:

NFT lending
Pancake Migration
Binance MVB program
& more

Read on to check out the details on this…

New to MOBOX?
want to know how to get started in staking on the MOBOX Platform, we have a Guide for you HERE.

Platform stats so far:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $217,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 106750
  • Total NFTs traded: Over $22,650,000

Joining the Binance MVB program!

Team MOBOX will be joining the Binance MVB…


Dear MOBOXers,

As most of you know PancakeSwap is set to have a vote on a new fee structure for PCS LPs. Due to this, they will be upgrading their Smart Contracts + Farms and will stop giving out CAKE rewards for the current pools.

❓When will the migration start?

✅The Pancake Migration will start on Friday, April 23rd @ 5:00 UTC.

❓What will happen?

✅The PancakeSwap functions are directly integrated into the MOBOX platform. Therefore, the old LPs you have staked in the MOBOX Pools will no longer farm CAKE Tokens.

👋Hi there MOBOXers

Here again!

Bringing you another weekly update to keep you informed and in the know about all things MOBOX.

This is a jam-packed community update we cant wait and are excited to share with you!

As we are just a tad over two weeks since the launch of MOBOX, let’s kick off with some fun stuff and start with these platform statistics.

Platform stats so far:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $265,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 85000
  • Total NFTs traded: Over $20,100,000

Ask Me Anything

The MOBOX team has held its first AMA in…

Below is the transcript of the AMA ( Ask me Anything ) held in the Telegram Room of mobox.io held on 19th April 2021.
For those of you who have missed the AMA, you can read the transcript below.

Intro from Soon:
Hi all,

some of you know me, some of you don’t. Either way, let me give a quick intro.

We are the developers of MOBOX.io which is our newest and most exciting project yet. We’ve been developing dapps for almost 4 years now and have been working with NFTs for quite some time.

We also had the opportunity…

👋Hi there MOBOXers

Here again! Bringing you another update to keep you informed and in the know.

We have successfully launched our innovative MOBOX platform on the Binance Smart Chain a week ago.

For anyone new to the platform and if you want to know how to get started in staking on the MOBOX Platform, we have a Guide for you HERE.

With the launch a week ago the uptake of the platform has been nothing but amazing. We had over 14,000 unique NFTs traded on the platform in only 7 days, and over 30,000 Chest unlocked. These awesome NFTs…

Welcome to the MOBOX Platform and before all you inquisitive minds ask, NO we are not another food-themed DeFi platform on BSC.
What we are here to do however is announce that The MOBOX platform is here to make it easy to put your crypto to work through the Binance Smart Chain. Optimizing yield for users around the world earning you more crypto + unique NFTs!

With that being said, we know you are all eager to find out more so…
let's dive into how to get started with MOBOX.

What you will need:

☑️ You will need to register on mobox.io ☑️ A…

Hey there MOBOXers,

Below are instructions on how to claim the 1 of 5000 NFT airdrop we recently had during our pre-launch event.

1. Log in to the home page or Event page of MOBOX.

Home page: https://www.mobox.io/

Launch Event: https://www.mobox.io/#/launchevent

2. Click on the floating window in the lower right corner

3. Click the “Bind” button in the pop-up window.

4. If you are not logged in to your MOBOXaccount, you should log in to MOBOX account first.

5. After registering and logging in to your MOBOX account, a pop-up window of “Link Wallet” will show up.

6. Choose…

👋Hi there MOBOXers

Here we are bringing you your weekly update!

Within this article, there will be some progress updates for you.

As well as the NEWS we have all been hanging for
It’s awesome!
The launch date for our MOBOX Platform has been booked in
and ready to go!
It's all happening & we have a whole heap more in store for you!

Are you ready?
Want to hear more?
Read along to find out the details!

Check out our quick rewind on what happened last week in case you missed out and what’s happening BTS!

Quick Rewind ⏪


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