A New Dawn for MOBOX: Revitalising the Buyback and Burn Program

2 min readNov 1, 2023


Dear MOBOXers,

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, we find ourselves at a juncture that demands adaptation and innovation. Since the inception of MOBOX, we have remained resolutely committed to your unwavering support and the flourishing Web3 gaming ecosystem we have diligently nurtured.

Over the years, we have witnessed remarkable milestones, with 46,925,433 $MBOX Tokens being dutifully burned through our “auto buyback and burn” mechanism. This mechanism, fundamental to our operational structure, was designed to bolster the growth and vibrancy of our ecosystem. However, upon careful evaluation of historical data and rigorous analysis, it has become increasingly evident that the existing “auto buyback and burn” system no longer aligns with our evolving vision and goals.

In pursuit of a more dynamic and responsive approach as previously announced, we are thrilled to introduce the upgraded Buyback and Burn Program. This significant shift will be marked by the following key enhancements:

1. Multi-Platform Integration: The new program will be implemented across both Binance (CEX) and PancakeSwap (DEX), offering flexibility that adapts to ever-changing market conditions. This approach is poised to ensure robust and sustainable support for the intrinsic value of our asset, harnessing the full potential of available resources.

2. Strategic Allocation: The allocation strategy for buyback funds will be determined in accordance with the liquidity depth on both platforms, typically adhering to a calculated ratio of around 6:1 for Binance:Pancake. This strategic approach is designed to ensure optimal balance and effectiveness.

3. Unprecedented Transparency: We have set the highest standards for transparency in managing the buyback fund:

- Real-time balance of buyback funds will be transparently displayed both off-chain (Binance) and on-chain, accessible through the official MOBOX website.

- We are establishing a real-time API connection between MOBOX and the Binance account, guaranteeing the continuous accuracy of the buyback balance on Binance.com. This enables our community to independently verify the balance at any given moment.

- Every 6 months, a detailed withdrawal statement of the balance on Binance will be executed, reiterating our commitment to transparency and the security of the buyback funds.

The MOBOX community has always been at the heart of our journey, and your trust is our most cherished asset. As we embark on this new chapter, we want to express our profound gratitude for your unwavering support. The revamped Buyback and Burn Program represents our unwavering commitment to adapting, evolving, and enhancing the MOBOX experience.

In the pursuit of a brighter and more promising future for Web3 gaming, we stand resolute in our mission to provide an exceptional and dynamic ecosystem that empowers every member of our community.

Warmest Regards,





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