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ChainZ Arena: Battle for Blockchain Supremacy

Blockchain and blockchain gaming technology is still a very new concept to many of us, despite it being around for over 10 years now. Blockchain gaming and blockchain itself aims to give its users a “seamless user experience” as well as being transparent in functionality.

When we started to draw up the characters for ChainZ Arena, we thought about the game long and hard…with our main focus being:

“How do we make this different and how do we reward our loyal players?”

Within our research we found the general consensus was that there are many issues with big gaming corporations in today’s society. One of the main issues is the proceeds of those big gaming companies were not going back to the players but instead went back into these big corporations. The users that play on these platforms are the ones that bring value to a platform! These values can differ in many ways whether it is time one gives, money put in or actions/behaviours performed, therefore the users should be rewarded.

Big corporations such as Blizzard keep all the profits for themselves just as an example the company posted a profit net income of $1.5 billion in the fiscal year of 2019.

So then we thought… how about Behavioural Mining?

When it comes to behavioural mining we need to refer back to years ago. Where many of us missed out on the early days of Bitcoin mining, the times when it was very easy to mine Bitcoin just with your desktop PC. Most of us now associate crypto mining by using expensive hardware equipment and the thus the expensive power bill that go with it.

BUT then something different happened in 2018, when a crypto exchange first introduced behavioural mining. Behavioural mining then transformed further when gambling dApps came into the blockchain space 12+ months ago. This has changed the crypto mining world that we know today due to actions from these few years ago!

You probably want to ask yourself, so how does behavioural mining work? To put it simply behavioural mining works in a sense that it rewards users with a new currency each time you monetarily transact with the game.

We believe that behavioural mining is the future of blockchain. Blockchain can track user’s actions through the token mining process as it records everyone’s stake and allows for distribution of proceeds.


We are big believers in building and support within a community! We have taken on much of your feedback during the alpha and beta stage and we will continue to listen and update our project for the betterment of everyone. We want everyone to feel welcome and feel a sense of belonging. We hope to achieve this with our ChainZ Arena Game and the SOUL token! Where you BELONG!

Now that we have a focus.

Back to the drawing board we go…

As mentioned earlier when we started to create the ChainZ Arena we wanted to have something exciting and unique. Something that everyone would want to be part of and enjoy! Something that you eagerly log on every morning and something you love playing. Ohhh and one other thing … yes, we do realise that some of you don’t like one or more of the blockchains, so here is your chance to show them who’s BOSS and battle it out!

We have tied endless entertainment with behavioural mining a mechanism we call: “ Game Your Own Business “

ChainZ Arena uses revolutionary technology that allows players from Ethereum, EOS, and TRON to battle against one another all in one MASSIVE world! While you are battling away and advanced summoning your Heroes you will be gaining a token called SOUL.

More information on SOUL and how you obtain it.

The SOUL Token is a unique token that you mine as you play on ChainZ Arena. The SOUL token exists on all three blockchains (EOS , Ethereum and Tron), interconnecting three smart contracts providing a unique blockchain gameplay.

  • The maximum supply of the SOUL token is 999,999,999 or simply put that is nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.
Figure A: Revenue Distribution
  • 100% of SOUL Tokens can be mined by players! The team will not own ANY SOUL Tokens! NO PRICE MANIPULATION!
  • 100% of SOULdrops go to SOUL Token Hodlers!
  • Each SOUL drop cycle is 24 hours and drops need to be collected manually.
  • Revenue will be distributed according to Figure A.

To further expand on this: 10% of every cryptocurrency consumed goes into the current souldrops pool , 60% goes into the total souldrops pool, after each souldrop 5% is taken from the total souldrops pool to be the base of the current souldrops pool.

Soul can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Each Advanced Summoning will be rewarding players with 1.8 SOUL this is for each card. Therefore if you open 10 cards that will be 18 SOUL.
  • Hero Market, every 10 HERO Tokens spent will mine 0.3SOUL (Only for in-game items)
  • Mining Hammer you can purchase the mining hammer on hourly basis: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours, all mining SOUL while AFK (away from keyboard)

Why Cross Chain?

The most important part for a game other than the fun factor and uniqueness is that it needs a big user base to sustain the game itself. By Implementing cross chain technology it allows for an abundance of users. This is also why other games fail as the user base drops off.

Another reason we wanted cross chain to be built into ChainZ Arena is we wanted to challenge ourselves to build something that has not been done as yet, a token that lives on 3 blockchains simultaneously and it’s all for an idle mining RPG game!

We have built the Arena, the stage is all set! Are you ready to defend your blockchain?

You can read more about our in depth guide on getting started on ChainZ Arena HERE! For the most FAQ’s see HERE.

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