Claiming NFT from Airdrop

Hey there MOBOXers,

Below are instructions on how to claim the 1 of 5000 NFT airdrop we recently had during our pre-launch event.

1. Log in to the home page or Event page of MOBOX.

Home page:

Launch Event:

2. Click on the floating window in the lower right corner

3. Click the “Bind” button in the pop-up window.

4. If you are not logged in to your MOBOXaccount, you should log in to MOBOX account first.

5. After registering and logging in to your MOBOX account, a pop-up window of “Link Wallet” will show up.

6. Choose a wallet that you currently have installed, such as MetaMask.

7. After clicking, the wallet will pop up an authorization pop-up window of “Request Signature”.

Please note: This authorization only requests to read your wallet public key address, and your wallet assets are absolutely safe.

8. After signing, click the “Bind” button again.

9. If you have won one of the 5000 NFT rewards, congratulations, click “Mining”, you can see your reward under the “Open Chest” page of MOMO Farm, “My Chest, the quantity is 1” “.

10. Click “Open Chest” button.

11. Click to go to the “My MOMO” page. Congratulations on getting one of NFT MoMo that belongs to you only.

12. To save your gas cost, the MoMO obtained will be automatically staked in the Mbox farm to help you with MBOX mining. At the same time, you can trade in the market without removing the pledge of MoMo.