Coinbase Loot | Clash of Moland Launch Event !

Coinbase Loot Clash of Moland Event

Welcome to a Cointastic team up, one that will leave you hanging on the edge of your screens….
Introducing a fun and epic partnership with — Coinbase Wallet & MOBOX!

To celebrate MOBOX’s latest game launch CLASH of MOLAND we are not only teaming up with Coinbase Wallet but we are also bringing you an legendary event with loads of fun activities as well as some amazing goodies inc. a legendary one of a kind Coinbase Legendary MOMO NFT! In addition to this by combining forces we have created some extra unique surprises waiting for ya’ll in the MOMOverse.

Now sit back read on & find out MOre including the ins and outs of this event.

When two epic teams combine in comes — MOMOs, Games, Fun + More🤯

22nd, September UTC 2:00AM & Ends 30th, Sep — UTC 2:00AM

  • Coinbase MOBalls
  • 1,000 MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes
  • 1,000 MOBOX Avatars
  • 1 Legendary Coinbase MOMO NFT
Coinbase Legendary MOMO NFT

The Mystery Boxes, MOBOX Avatar + Legendary Coinbase MOMO NFT will be sent to your decentralized wallets after the completion of the event !

Full event rules can be found here

In conjunction with Coinbase, we have also designed a brand new set of Coinbase Wallet family set of MOMO’s ! 🥹
Which you will be able to catch in the MOMOverse with your Coinbase MOballs. — get catching.

Coinbase Wallet — Family Set of MOMO’s

First and foremost all participants will need to visit the MOBOX x Coinbase event page HERE

⭐️ You will need to follow the prompts on the Event page to get started & receive Coinbase MOBalls to catch(MOMOBoxing) those MOMO’s in the MOMOverse.

What do I do next?:

✅ Connect Your Coinbase Wallet and Twitter accounts

✅ Follow MOBOX & Coinbase Wallet on Twitter + RT (Coinbase Clash of Moland tweet), Tag 2 friends & comment with your MOBOX User ID / Wallet address.

✅ Copy your Tweet comment link and then paste it on the Event page

✅ Now, you are qualified to earn Campaign rewards (Coinbase MOballs, Mystery BOXes, Avatars and Legendary MOMO NFT!)

❗️With this complete & the first small yet mandatory tasks being done, you will now be on your way to get your first Coinbase MOballs and get you started in the MOMOverse.
*FYI the above will also make you eligible for some MOMOmazing rewards”

To claim Coinbase MOBalls you will require BNB in your decentralized wallet to cover gas fees on the BNB chain. If you do not have a MOBOX account, one will be created for you once you connect with your Coinbase wallet.

To change the Coinbase wallet Network from Ethereum to Binance Chain. follow the below prompts.
coinbase wallet → networks → mobox-login → BNB chain →save

MOMOBoxing — With Coinbase MOBalls @

To maximize your MOballs gained & to catch those MOMOs in the MOMOverse you can complete the following daily tasks and received 4 Coinbase MOballs per day!

1. In the MOMOverse you can collect 10 items such as carrots, bamboo, mushrooms + more. Once 10 items have been collected you will get one Coinbase MOball and one treasure map)


2. You can use the treasure map to open one chest & will get one item as a reward; (If completed, user will get one Coinbase MOball)

3. You can use Coinbase MOball for BOXing one MOMO in the MOMOverse. (If completed, user will get one Coinbase MOball)

4. Invite 3 new friends to join the Coinbase Loot Campaign and all of them will get a Coinbase MOball!

During this amazing event, all Coinbase users that login into each of the MOBOX games and explore each game , will obtain rewards in that game.

⭐️ Clash of MOland
— earn a pack of the bound Hero Scroll; you will also earn bound heroes.

CLASH OF MOLAND is our latest game to launch! Build your empires, manage their resources, and conquer other territories!

Clash of MOLand

⭐️ If you are playing Token Master, Block Brawler or ChainZ Arena you will receive in game vouchers

MOLand Defense

⭐️ For MOland Defense, you will receive a gift pack of Gold. You can use the Gold to purchase game props in the Moland Defense Store.

MOBOX Android App

🌎 What is MOMO Boxing — MOball ? 🌎

The residents of MOMOverse have recently discovered some mysterious visitors to the continent, a group of wild Coinbase MOMOs. These MOMOs roam around the MOMOverse and engage in spontaneous production and mining work. Some residents of the MOMOverse have tried to communicate with them, but have failed to do so. It seems that they are somewhat wary of the humans who appear around them.

According to reliable sources, Molantis’ R&D department has recently developed a special BOX (ing) device for the wild MOMOs, which they call the “MOBall”. The device has a special chip built into it that enables people to communicate with MOMOs smoothly, making it easier to gain their trust and enter into a mysterious contract with the resident, through which the MOMOs will willingly collaborate with them to produce a range of materials inc MBOX.

MOMOBoxing — Catching Coinbase MOMO NFT

There will be different rarities of MOMOs roaming in the MOMOverse - Common, Uncommon, Unique and Rare — and each MOMO will have five different emotional states, which correspond to the difficulty of the BOX (ing). For example, a Tense MOMO has very sharp senses and may escape at any time making BOXing them tougher.

If you want to know more about MOBoxing and how to capture the MOMO’s see HERE !

Curious to find out more about the MOMOVerse , then read on HERE!

See you all in the MOMOverse




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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —