Contest: Create Your DragonPals for Dragonverse Neo

4 min readJun 4, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

Remember those 42 distinct DragonPals from Beta Test Season 1? Have you ever dreamed of customizing your very own DragonPal and bringing it to life in Dragonverse Neo? Now is your chance!

We’re thrilled to launch the UGC Contest, letting our community design DragonPals for Dragonverse Neo. You’ll get to win exclusive Season 2 rewards and experience the user-friendly UGC Editor.

We’ve prepared a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through. Let’s dive in and let your creativity soar!

What is DragonPal

🦄 Basic Info

  • Appearance: Humanoid with dragon horns and wings.
  • Races: Light, Dark, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood.

🌟 Utilities

  • DragonPals can boost leaderboard scores, and help you win more rewards in Dragonverse Neo.
  • Each race provides different buffs to leaderboard scores.

✨ How to Get

  • Use Blue Snitch to capture DragonPals.
  • Capture success rate will be probability-based in Season 2.

Event Overview

📝 Basic Rules

  • Design your Dragon Pals using the UGC Editor in Dragonverse Neo.
  • Selected DragonPals will be added to the game.
  • Creators of the selected DragonPals will receive rewards for Season 2.

💭 Submission

  • Take a screenshot of your DragonPal.
  • Post it as a comment under this tweet.

⏳ Duration

  • Start: Jun 4th, 8AM UTC
  • End: Jun 12th, 8AM UTC

💐 Rewards

  • Blue Snitch: To capture Dragon Pals to increase leadboard scores.
  • Senzu Potion: A Magic Potion that can recover your stamina rapidly in Dragonverse Neo.

💡 Get Suppot

  • Join MOBOX Telegram Channel to get assistance.
  • We’ll also live stream on X Live showcasing the creation process. Stay tuned!

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

1️⃣ Install the Game Launcher (Skip if you’ve installed it)

2️⃣ Launch the Editor

  • Click the “Editor” tab in the top-left corner
  • Double-click to open the Dragon Pals template
  • You can change the interface language in settings (top-right corner)

3️⃣ Create a New Character

  • Character -> New Appearance
  • Double-click to enter the Character Editor.
  • Select a template from the resource kit, and drag it onto the character.

4️⃣ Customize Your DragonPal

  • Edit details on the right panel.
  • Adjust Appearance: facial features, body shape, skin color, etc.
  • Change Outfits: Drag clothes from the resource kit onto the right panel.

5️⃣ Add Wings and Horns

  • Click on the attachments tab on the right panel.
  • Select “Back” -> “New Slot”.
  • Search for “wing” in the resource kit, find suitable wings in the particle effects, and drag them onto the right panel.

6️⃣ Add Your DragonPal to the Scene

  • Ctrl + S to Save your DragonPal design.
  • Drag your DragonPal into the main scene.

That’s it! Congratulations, you just created your own Dragon Pal!

UGC: Unlocking Bountless Potential for Gaming

During Season 1, we incorporated 20+ community-designed maps into the game, and even key items like “Blue Snitch” and “Senzu Potion” were named by you — our passionate community. This showcases the true magic of UGC (User-Generated Content) — harnessing our collective creativity to evolve the game rapidly, making it shine brighter than ever before.

Moving forward, MOBOX will deeply involve the community in shaping Dragonverse Neo’s evolution. We can’t wait to see your contributions to breathe new life and wonder into this ever-evolving universe!

Happy Creating!


June 4th, 2024

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