Dragon’s Summon: Burning Ceremony for Dragon Balls

3 min readMay 20, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

Are you ready for the next milestone? Dragonverse Neo, our flagship game, is set to begin its Beta Launch. It will be the first edition to introduce diverse strategic gameplays, offer bountiful game incentives, and feature UGC scenes co-created by the community, marking a significant leap forward!

To celebrate, we are rolling out a series of warm-up events to recognize your achievements and support:

  • ✅ Phase I: Dragon Balls — 10,500,000 eMDBL & 20,000 $MERL for Burning Ceremony
  • ◻️ Phase II: Coming Soon…

Dragon Balls, issued through Free Mint & Fair Launch, follow the DEFLATION model as outlined in the Litepaper. So Dragon Ball hodlers, the time has come for our first Burning Ceremony. Burn your M-DragonBall, and win grand prizes!

Event Overview

🔗 Event Page

⌛ Duration

  • Start: May 20th, 8AM UTC
  • End: May 25th, 8AM UTC
  • Claim Rewards: May 25th, 8AM UTC

💐 Prize Pool

  • 10,500,000 eMDBL (0.5% of Total Supply)
  • 20,000 $MERL

🔎 Guide

  • Connect your EVM wallet holding M-DragonBalls.
  • Confirm the amount to burn.
  • Claim your eMDBL and $MERL rewards after the event concludes.

📃 Notes

  • The event only supports burning M-DragonBall on Layer2, rewarding early supporters of Merlin’s Seal.
  • M-DragonBall can be traded via Unicross.
  • DragonBall cannot be converted into M-DragonBall at this stage.

✍🏻 How to transfer M-DragonBall from AA wallet to EVM Wallet

  • Visit the Merlin Chain Website
  • Launch Particle Wallet from the bottom right corner
  • Single Transfers: NFT➡️Dragon Ball➡️Send to your EVM Address
  • Batch Transfers: Tool ➡️ NFT Batch send➡️Dragon Ball➡️Enter the Amount➡️Send to your EVM Address

Reward Distribution

1️⃣ 10,500,000 eMDBL Reward

  • Allocated proportionally to ALL Participants based on the amount of burned M-DragonBall.
  • Your Reward = Prize Pool * (Your Burned M-DragonBall/Total Burned M-DragonBall)

2️⃣ 20,000 $MERL Reward

  • Allocated to the Top 50 participants based on the ranking of burned M-DragonBall.
  • The specific prize is listed below:

Welcome to the Next-Gen Open World Expedition!

Building games has never been a one-day endeavor. MOBOX is diligently innovating to develop games with playability, scalability and sustainability, to let the industry witness the true power of gaming. With the Beta launch, MOBOXers will get a taste of Dragonverse Neo’s core essence: An Ever-Evolving Open World that reveals the joy of Explore2Earn, Create2Earn, and Win2Earn.

The countdown has begun, stay tuned.

Happy Burning! 🔥


May 20, 2024

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