Dragonverse 3D Open Test Unveiled!

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Step into the realm of Dragonverse 3D, where magic and adventure intertwine to offer you an unforgettable journey alongside your dragon companions. With the launch of Dragonverse 3D, the exhilarating experience for every MODragon player is about to unfold. From nurturing your dragons to embracing diverse activities and challenges, immerse yourself in this enchanting world and create your own saga.

In Dragonverse 3D, you’re not just a player; you’re an explorer and creator, co-authoring the enthralling tale of Dragonverse 3D!

Dear MOBOX players,

The MOBOX platform will undergo a game server update and upgrade on 31 August 2023 at 11:00 UTC, which is expected to last for one hour, during which time players will be temporarily unable to access the game.

Mark your calendars! Expected on 31 August 2023, at 12:00 (UTC Time), Dragonverse 3D will come to life. Access this wondrous realm through the MODragon official website.

Launch Insights:

  1. This launch is a Test Version, Preserving All Data.
  2. Currently, Dragonverse supports the PC web browser only, with the standalone app version in the pipeline. Stay tuned for release dates and download methods on MOBOX’s social channels.
  3. The initial phase after launch may bring version updates, resulting in temporary entry restrictions during these updates. We appreciate your understanding.
  4. An official launch date will be announced separately. Stay tuned for official updates.

Chapter 2: Unveiling the Realm of Dragonverse 3D

Step into the dynamic world of 3D Dragonverse, where diverse dragons and a sprawling map await your exploration. This meticulously designed world, brought to life with captivating visuals, transports you into stunning landscapes. And hold your breath, as an upcoming weather system promises to infuse this fantastical realm with even more vibrancy.

Highlights of the 3D World:

  1. Exquisite Modeling and Lighting: Dragonverse’s 3D map blends masterful design with top-notch lighting, immersing you in a fantastical reality. Be it majestic mountains or lush forests, every detail is meticulously crafted for a visual feast.
  2. Diverse Terrain and Resources: From expansive plains to towering mountains, from dense forests to boundless oceans, the diverse terrains house unique scenery and resources. Each terrain corresponds to different dragonstone resources, ensuring an exciting exploration experience.
  3. Exploration and Imagination of the Unknown: The 3D map teems with unexplored territories, awaiting your discovery and development. A hidden forest or treasure trove nestled in a mountain valley could become guild buildings or battle backdrops, adding to the realm’s potential.
  4. Unpredictable Weather System: In time, a weather change system will grace Dragonverse, introducing diversity and unpredictability. From sunny to stormy, snowy to breezy, changing weather conditions will breathe new life into every adventure.

Chapter 3: The Art of Collecting

Venture into the multidimensional world of Dragonverse and embark on a collecting journey with your faithful dragon companions. With every step you take, immerse yourself in the tapestry of fantasy and exploration, from sunlit meadows to scorching lava valleys. Each exploration promises new discoveries and emotions that stir the soul.

Highlights of Collecting:

  1. The Mystery of Collectables: Within every corner of Dragonverse, a world of awe-inspiring collectables awaits. Whether it’s a tranquil riverbank yielding a rare fish, a lush forest offering timber, or the ruins of ancient mysteries housing treasures, each quality of item has its own unique legend, each collecting session offers a chance for unexpected marvels.
  2. Diversity in Rarity: Collectables in Dragonverse come in different levels of rarity, categorized as Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare, and Epic. From common to rare, collectables of different rarities serve unique purposes.
  3. Versatility of Use: Beyond being mere items, these collected resources are also vehicles for social interactions and boundless creativity. In the near future, use these resources to craft exquisite MOHome decorations, customize appearances of MOHome buildings, and even construct practical vehicles, elevating the thrill and convenience of your adventure.

Chapter 4: Unearth the Riches — Dragonstone Mining, Crafting, and Trading

4.1 Dragonstone Mining:

In Dragonverse, players and their dragons embark on a clandestine quest to mine dragonstones, the cornerstones of Dragonverse’s economic framework. These five dragonstones — Water Elemental Dragonstone, Fire Elemental Dragonstone, Wood Elemental Dragonstone, Earth Elemental Dragonstone, and Light & Dark Elemental Dragonstone — forge the very fabric of Dragonverse.

Showcasing the Beauty of Five Habitats:

Dragonverse is home to five distinctive natural realms, each harmonizing with a dragon’s habitat. Aqua Cove, Flame Cradle, Verdant Grove, Earth Haven, and Luminous Abyss host dragonstones of diverse elements. Dragons of matching elements can mine these dragonstones in their respective abodes.

Dragon Elements and Contributions:

Each dragon embodies a unique elemental attribute, contributing to specific elements. Your dragon serves as your mining partner in Dragonverse, harnessing its elemental prowess to gather dragonstones matching its attribute.

Dragon Power:

Dragon Power signifies your dragon’s mining proficiency within its habitat.

Extension from MODragon Web Version:

Previously mined dragonstones from the MODragon web version seamlessly integrate into Dragonverse 3D.

Enhancements and Adjustments:

Mining Efficiency Boosted, The foundational mining production rate has been elevated, accompanied by a reduction in the overall capacity requirements for habitat mining.

4.2 Material Crafting

The “Crafting System” forms a crucial core of Dragonverse’s ecosystem, encompassing crafting, assisted crafting, and commissioned crafting.

The crafting system is described as follows:

  1. Crafting empowers players to transform water dragonstones, fire dragonstones, wood dragonstones, earth dragonstones, and light & dark dragonstones into premium crafting materials for constructing buildings..
  2. Discover a total of 10 crafted material types — 6 low-level products and 4 high-level products crafted from light and dark dragonstones. Each material spans 5 qualities: common, uncommon, unique, rare, and epic, embodied by white, green, blue, purple, and orange colors respectively.
  3. Mastery level dictates crafting product quantity and quality. Consult the in-game mastery and crafting product reference table for detailed insights.

4. Each crafting material corresponds to a specific requirement of mastery level.

5. Crafting segregates into regular and advanced modes. Regular crafting conserves MBOX tokens and omits crafting Mastery EXP. Conversely, advanced crafting, while consuming MBOX tokens, yields crafting Mastery EXP and accelerates crafting time for materials of equal level.

6. Mastery Level Elevation: Elevate your mastery level to enhance crafting product quantity and quality.

7. Assistance: Higher mastery level players can assist others by creating materials in the market, accumulating fees and mastery EXP (for advanced crafting).

8. Commissioned Crafting: Players with lower mastery levels can commission materials from the market.

9. Private Crafting: Immediate results are granted through private crafting, exempting the crafting time. These materials remain private and untradeable.

Material Usage

Within the Home, materials can be used to construct and upgrade Home buildings. The crafting materials required for the four civilizations are shown in the table below:

4.3 MOMarket and Order Book

In the world of Dragonverse, the existence of numerous material categories makes trading essential. To ensure that fun is not compromised, we have built a convenient and reliable trading market platform, introducing a brand-new interactive logic and user interface to elevate the trading experience to new heights.

Unique Features of the Order Book

  1. Precise Trade Matching: All material transactions adopt the order book model, ensuring more precise trade matching between buyers and sellers for more efficient trading.
  2. Multi-dimensional Orders: Each quality and level of material has an independent order book, providing you with up to hundreds of trading choices.
  3. Primary Trading Medium: Market transactions will primarily use the MBOX token, facilitating convenient value transfer.
  4. Intelligent Trading Options: In the purchasing interface, you can choose to execute a deal directly based on existing sell orders or input your preferred purchase price. The system will automatically create a buy order.
  5. Flexible Selling Strategies: The selling interface allows you to select existing buy orders for direct transactions or input your own selling price, providing the freedom to place sell orders as you wish.
  6. Comprehensive Transaction Details: The transaction details interface displays all your sold and buy orders, as well as completed transaction records, supporting detailed sorting and filtering functions.
  7. Fee Structure: Purchases have no fees, while a 5% fee is charged for sales.

Chapter 5: Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening Celebration 1: Crafting Daily Rankings

  1. The event starts at 12:00 UTC on 31 August 2023 (same as the launch time) and ends at 8:00 UTC on 28 September 2023.
  2. During the event, players participating in crafting will earn daily ranking points.
  3. Daily ranking points will be settled at 8:00 UTC each day, and rewards will be distributed via mail.
  4. After each daily settlement, the daily ranking points will reset.

Reward Preview

Grand Opening Celebration 2: Crafting Overall Rankings


  1. The event starts at 12:00 UTC on 31 August 2023 (same as the launch time) and ends at 8:00 UTC on 28 September 2023.
  2. During the event, players participating in crafting will earn points for the overall rankings.
  3. Within 3 working days after the event ends, rewards for the overall rankings will be distributed via in-game mail.

Reward Preview

Grand Opening Celebration 3: Exclusive Rewards for MOBOX Platform Veterans

1. MOBOX Avatar 3D on Arb

A truly extraordinary gift awaits — your very own “MOBOX Avatar” on the Arb Chain. (Note: We’re rolling out 5000 of these as part of the event!) Let this Avatar be your guide through the wonders of Dragonverse, leaving a lasting mark on your journey. Showcase your unique personality, embrace your virtual identity, and make your presence known across the virtual realms. We’re confident this will become a cherished memento in your legendary gaming odyssey.

*Airdrop Method: Based on the order of eligible addresses and logins to Dragonverse, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Dragonverse Dawn Medal: Witnessing the Birth of Legend

But wait, there’s more! For those who meet the requirements, a precious “Dragonverse Dawn” commemorative medal awaits. This medal serves as a beacon, signaling the dawn of Dragonverse 3D on the ARB chain. We invite you to wear this medal with pride, joining us in celebrating the promising future that lies ahead in Dragonverse.

3. “Destiny Coins” and the Whirl of Destiny

Your inaugural login to Dragonverse won’t be just any login — it’s the welcome to a world of magic and mystery. As a gesture of our appreciation, we’ll send you an email brimming with “Destiny Coins * 50.” These coins hold the key to the Whirl of Destiny, an enchanting gameplay experience filled with surprises and amusement.

And the magic doesn’t stop there! During the event, “whitelisted” players are in for a treat — earn an additional 50 Destiny Coins daily by simply staying online for over 10 minutes. Spin the Whirl of Destiny and unveil valuable rewards, perhaps even uncover materials to weave the dream Home you’ve always envisioned.

Additional Rules

  1. This event starts from Dragonverse 3D goes alive and panning for two exciting weeks.
  2. Our seasoned veterans get a head start, while the gameplay gradually unlocks for others through engaging tasks.

Brace yourselves — the next level of gaming awaits!

Sneak Peek at Rewards

Airdrop whitelist rules as per below:

1. veMBOX players

veMBOX ≥ 30000

2. MOMO players

Total MOMO Hash Power ≥ 3000

3. MOHome players

MOHOME building level ≥ Lv 60

4. MODragon early players

Players who have hatched or traded any quality of dragon

5. MODragon holders

Players holding any “Uncommon” or higher quality MODragon at the time of the snapshot

*Snapshot Time: 24 August 2023, 0:00 UTC

Chapter 6: Ongoing Activities

Within the enchanting realm of Dragonverse, we’ve painstakingly crafted a series of ongoing activities, ensuring your journey remains vibrant and brimming with excitement. These activities aren’t just diversions; they are your gateway to endless entertainment and bountiful rewards, painting your gaming experience with a myriad of colors. Behold the captivating long-term activities we’ve prepared for you, ensuring your exploration of Dragonverse remains ever-engaging:

Activity 1: Dragon Expeditions

  1. Prepare to embark on Dragon Expeditions! During this event, you’ll dispatch your mighty MODragons on epic journeys to earn the elusive MODragon Souls.
  2. Expeditions are divided into different difficulties, requiring different numbers, attributes, and qualities of MODragons to participate. Each MODragon can only undertake one expedition at a time.
  3. MODragons participating in expeditions can breed, upgrade, and evolve, but they cannot be listed for sale, sold, or consumed. Otherwise, rewards will not be granted upon expedition completion.
  4. Each round of expeditions refreshes at 3:00 AM UTCtime, and ongoing expeditions will continue. Players can refresh expedition points for free every 4 hours, and refreshing within 4 hours will require MODragon Souls.
  5. After the launch of Dragonverse 3D, the expedition rewards in the Dragonverse web version and the MODragon web version will be adjusted. The rewards for Dragon Expeditions will significantly increase, and expedition time and refresh costs will be adjusted accordingly. See the table below for specific adjustments.

Ongoing Activity 2: Elder MODragon’s Blessing

  1. During the event, submit MODragon Souls to the Dragon Altar to receive the Elder MODragon’s blessing. You can earn MODragon Souls by breed, upgrade and evolve MODragons. Dispatching MODragons on Dragon Expeditions can earn even more MODragon Souls.
  2. Event rewards can be accumulated and collected.
  3. MODragon Souls obtained from upgrade MODragons of various qualities are as follows:
    For each Common MODragon consumed: Upgrade Common MODragon gains 100 MODragon Souls, Upgrade Uncommon MODragon gains 200 MODragon Souls, Upgrade Rare MODragon gains 300 Dragon Souls, Upgrade Epic MODragon gains 500 MODragon Souls.
    For each Uncommon MODragon consumed: Upgrade Common MODragon gains 200 MODragon Souls, Upgrade Uncommon MODragon gains 400 MODragon Souls, Upgrade Rare MODragon gains 600 MODragon Souls, Upgrade Epic MODragon gains 1000 MODragon Souls.
  4. MODragon Souls obtained from evolve MODragons of various qualities are as follows:
    Common 100 MODragon Souls, Uncommon 300 MODragon Souls, Rare 1000 MODragon Souls, Epic 2500 MODragon Souls.
  5. Breeding during the event rewards MODragon Soul equivalent to the consumption of ETH multiplied by 10,000. MBOX and ARB will be automatically converted to ETH. The minimum unit for MODragon Soul is 1, and rounding will be applied during calculations.
  6. Reward adjustments: MODragon Souls are removed from the rewards, and 5 types of dragonstones are added.

Elder MODragon’s Blessing Reward Adjustment Preview

Chapter 7: METAFund Pool and Applications

80% of breeding fees will fuel the METAFund pool, supporting the enduring growth of the MODragon World.

This marks the inaugural deployment of ecosystem pool tokens for activity rewards. As time progresses, the METAFund pool may find more avenues of contribution, propelling the advancement of the MODragon project and fostering a thriving long-term ecosystem.

Chapter 8: Preview of Dragonverse Phase 2

Dragonverse’s Inaugural Turn-Based MMORPG Adventure

Prepare to be enchanted as we unveil our meticulously crafted first turn-based MMORPG game within the enchanting realm of Dragonverse. This immersive experience seamlessly integrates with the MOBOX ecosystem, promising a deep and captivating journey into the heart of gaming magic. Immerse yourself in a world of mystery, fantasy, and boundless legends where mystical powers await, offering an unparalleled adventure that will leave you spellbound. With strategic gameplay and endless fun, this is more than just a game — it’s an odyssey you won’t want to miss.

The grand arrival of Dragonverse’s first turn-based MMORPG is anticipated during the second phase of Dragonverse. This game is set to harmoniously merge with the world of MODragons, ushering in a more seamless and dynamic combat and production experience. Engage in an array of activities within this magical world, all while being assisted by your loyal MODragons. Explore uncharted territories, connect with fellow players, and embark on thrilling adventures that promise to redefine your gaming experience.

Game Features:

Diverse Class Choices: Embark on your journey by choosing from an array of character classes, each endowed with distinct skills and attributes. Warriors may unleash fierce melee attacks, mages could master the art of elemental magic, and healers will provide vital support. Classes complement one another, fostering a range of combat strategies. Customization reigns supreme, as players mold lineups to their preferences. And in the event a character’s class doesn’t quite match your vision, the game accommodates changes to form innovative lineup combinations.

Rich Character Development: Within the game’s universe, every battle and quest propels players toward character growth. Accumulate experience and collect equipment to enhance your character’s level and abilities. Equipment, skills, and talents intermingle to carve a unique path for your character’s progression.

Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Engage in strategic turn-based combat that demands skillful execution of skill combinations, strategic lineup formations, and tactical decision-making. Maneuver your way to victory, avoiding enemy assaults while seizing opportunities for dominance in battle.

Adventure and Exploration: Traverse the enigmatic game world teeming with uncharted mysteries and treasures awaiting discovery. Brave various maps and dungeons, confronting formidable monsters and epic bosses, and even engage in thrilling PvP contests that will put your skills to the ultimate test..

Multiplayer Cooperation and Social Interaction: Forge alliances and champion teamwork as you venture forth. Form parties with friends, tackle challenging dungeons, and stand united against powerful bosses. The alliance system further unites players, fostering collaborative efforts to overcome foes, complete team objectives, and share rewards. Cooperation or competition — your alliance’s destiny rests in your hands.

Rich Storylines and Activities: Dive into captivating storylines that will keep you engaged at every twist and turn. With time-limited events and festive celebrations, bountiful rewards await. Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of the game, where excitement and joy abound.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the unwavering support of every player in the world of Dragonverse 3D. Within a world teeming with limitless possibilities, join your dragon companions to forge your path of growth, embark on captivating adventures, and triumph together. Onward, to a future shaped by unity and endless exploration!

31 August 2023

*All details correct at time of publishing 31/08/2023




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