Explore Dragonverse Neo on BNB Chain! (Special Season)

5 min readJun 14, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

Dragonverse Neo concluded its Beta Test Season 1 (Merlin Chain) 2 weeks ago. As we prepare for Season 2, there’s an exciting interlude: a Special Season on BNB Chain, exclusively for our veMBOX holders.

During Season 1, we were thrilled to receive positive feedback on the gameplay, game quality and user experience. Energized by your enthusiasm and high expectations, we want to invite both seasoned and new members of our community to join us, sharing the joy of social connections, strategic competitions, and endless exploration.

This serves as your guidebook for the game. Let’s dive in!

BNB Chain Season Overview

🔗 Assets & Leaderboard

🎁 Game Incentives

  • 30,000 $MBOX

🧙🏻 Participants

  • Eligibility: veMBOX ≥ 15,000 (Expired veMBOX will not be calculated)
  • Snapshot Time: June 11, 8AM UTC
  • Check your Eligibility: Visit here. If you have stamina balance, you are eligible.

⏳ Duration

  • Start: June 14, 8AM UTC
  • End: June 24, 8AM UTC
  • Reward Distribution: June 25, 8AM UTC

A Step-by-Step Guide

1️⃣ Install the Game Launcher

Note: If you have installed the Launcher during the alpha test, it’s recommended to fully uninstall and reinstall.

Minimum System Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i5–7400 or AMD equivalent
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit (or Above)

2️⃣ Dress up Your Character

  • Launch the Character Editor.
  • Design your character in different styles.
  • Each account can save up to 5 outfits. Simply long press the outfit to delete it.
  • The character will represent you in the Open World & REALMs.

3️⃣ Enter the Open World

  • Choose a room to start the game.
  • Explore the Open World, following the Game Control instructions below:

Game Controls

4️⃣ Find the Entrance to REALMs

There are 3 REALMs in the Open World. Find their entrances and enter to play:

  1. 🐱 Dream Pet: A Simulation Adventure, get more Pet Scores to win rewards.
  2. ⚔️ Infinite Rumble: A PVP Battle Arena, get more Rumble Points to win rewards.
  3. 🦄 Milky Way: Use Blue Snitch to capture DragonPals, boosting Pet Score or Rumble Point.

Reward Distibution

📝 Basic Rules

  • Total Rewards: 30,000 $MBOX
  • Check your Leaderboard Ranking here.

🐱 Dream Pet Rewards

  • Reward: 15,000 MBOX
  • Distribution: Based on the ranking of Dream Pet Leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard: Based on the Pet with the highest Score from your collection.

⚔️ Infinite Rumble Rewards

  • Reward: 15,000 $MBOX
  • Distribution: Based on the ranking of Infinite Rumble Leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard: Based on the cumulative Rumble Points earned from your battles.

The specific rewards are listed below:

Leaderboard Boosting

📝 Basic Rules

  • Capture DragonPals in the REALM called “Milky Way”, boosting Pet Score or Rumble Points to win more rewards.
  • Find the entrance to Milky Way: The Blue Statue in the middle of the river.

💙 Blue Snitch

  • Use Blue Snitch to capture DragonPals.
  • Capture success rate is 100% in BNB Chain SP Season. It will switch to probability-based in future seasons.
  • Each participant will initially receive 1 Blue Snitch. We will also distribute Blue Snitch daily based on your MOMO Hash Power. Stay tuned to the official channels and join our events to win more!
  • Claim Blue Snitch here.

🧚🏻 DragonPals

  • Use DragonPals to boost Pet Score or Rumble Points, to win more rewards.
  • DragonPals are divided into 6 races (Light, Dark, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood), each providing different buffs.
  • Buffs can be added by holding multiple Dragon Pals.
  • Participants can choose to capture Dragon Pals in different races.

🗺️ Explore 20+ UGC Maps in the Milky Way

  • A random map and DragonPal will be generated each time you enter the Milky Way.
  • Press “T” to exit and re-enter to refresh the map.
  • Impressively, all of the 20+ maps in the Milky Way were fully created by the community using the UGC Game Engine!

Stamina System

📝 Basic Rules

  • You need Stamina Balance to join 2 REALMs: Dream Pet & Infinite Rumble.
  • Stamina is calculated separately for each REALM.

⌛ Stamina Recovery

  • Stamina automatically recovers every 2 minutes.
  • Stamina fully recovers in 24 hours for all players.

💪 Stamina Capacity

  • Stamina Capacity is fixed, based on your veMBOX holdings at the eligibility snapshot time.
  • The specific tiers are listed below:

Dragonverse Neo is a labor of love that we’ve dedicated over a year of effort into building. It is with profound joy that we give back to our supportive community with solid products. MOBOXers, now you have the ticket to this open world in your hands, brace yourselves…

  • 🌈 For the waves of epic battles with your friends.
  • ☘️For the connections that last beyond realms.
  • 🦋 For the unexpected that awaits at every turn.

Let’s create memorable moments together over the next 10 days that will light our way forward.

Happy Gaming!


June 14, 2024

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