Happy 3rd Anniversary, MOBOXers!

3 min readApr 12, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

How time flies! It’s been three years since we started this journey together.

Throughout these years, we’ve witnessed remarkable advances in gaming experiences, community growth and ecosystem expansion. As we celebrate the milestone of MOBOX’s 3rd Anniversary, we’re excited to unveil some significant updates designed to ensure the longevity and prosperity of our ecosystem, and also prepared a gift for MOBOXers as an appreciation for your companionship and support.

  • ⚖️ Emission Reduction: Creating a More Balanced & Sustainable Future.
  • 🎁 3rd Anniversary Gifts: Exclusive Airdrop and Rewards for MOBOXers.

Let’s step into a future where sustainability meets innovation, ensuring a thriving environment for every MOBOXer.

Reducing $MBOX & MOMO Emissions for a Sustainable Future

Reflecting on MOBOX’s journey, the evolution of $MBOX and MOMO NFTs marks a milestone of community spirit. As we look into the future, striking the delicate balance between innovation and sustainability is crucial. It’s with this forward-thinking mindset that we’re here to announce our strategy for reducing $MBOX & MOMO Emissions.

1️⃣ Reducing $MBOX Emission

  • MOMOFarmer LP Mining: -50%📉
  • MOMO Mining Camp: -50%📉
  • MOHome Prosperity Mining: -40%📉
  • MOMOverse DCS Fruit Trade Rewards: -50%📉

2️⃣ Reducing MOMO Emission

  • BOX Raffle: -90%📉
  • MOMOverse MOMO Capturing: -50%📉

3️⃣ Reducing Productivity Mining in MOMOVerse

  • Productivity Mining: -50%📉

$MBOX Annual Burn Report

Over the past years, we’ve put considerable effort into the MBOX Burning through Annual Burn and Weekly Burn Program.

🔥 2024 Annual Burn: 42,358,171 $MBOX

3rd Anniversary Gift: 1,000,000 $MBOX, 3 Legendary MOMOs and More

As we stand at the threshold of another year of magic and exploration, we have prepared a gift for MOMO Hodlers, MOMOverse Users, and all MOBOXers. Thank you for supporting MOBOX over the years.

🔗 Event Page

🎁 Prize Pool

  • 1,000,000 $MBOX
  • 3 Legendary MOMOs
  • 500 Boxes
  • 100 Gems

⌛ Duration

  • Start: April 12th, 8AM UTC
  • End: April 19th, 8AM UTC
  • Claim Time: Before April 26th, 8AM UTC

🔎 Event Details

Part I. $MBOX Airdrop to MOMO Hodlers

  • Rewards: 500,000 $MBOX
  • Distribution: Each wallet’s proportion of total MOMO Hash Power (Bonus included)
  • Snapshot Time: April 10th, 8AM UTC

Part II. $MBOX Airdrop to MOMOVerse Users

  • Rewards: 500,000 $MBOX
  • Distribution: Each wallet’s proportion of MOHome Prosperity in MOMOVerse.
  • Snapshot Time: April 10th, 8AM UTC

Part III. Rewards to All MOBOXers

  • Complete tasks to earn points.
  • 10 points = 1 MOMO Star; 3 MOMO Stars = Raffle Ticket.
  • Each address can raffle for only once.
  • Tasks:
  • Rewards

Thank you for being the architects of this journey, for every battle fought, every treasure discovered, and every moment shared. Here’s to the adventures that await, to the stories yet to be told, and to a future we build together, one block at a time.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, MOBOXers! Let the celebrations begin! 🎉



April 12, 2024




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