How to Claim send and freeze SOUL tokens

3 min readMay 9, 2020


As many of you may be aware, today we listed the SOUL token on two exchanges, Trontrade and Newdex. For TRX and EOS tokens and at the moment the ETH tokens are not listed on a dex.

Quite often we have been asked; “how do I claim my SOUL tokens also how do I freeze the new SOUL tokens purchased on DEX?”

You asked we aim to deliver…

We will run you through the steps now.

Claiming and sending your SOUL tokens:

Once you have unfrozen your SOUL tokens if you are choosing to unfreeze them after the 48 hours you will have a claim button, click on CLAIM. **Remember while your tokens are unfreezing for 48 hours you will not be eligible for SOULdrops.

Now you will need to send your SOUL token to a wallet, you can either choose TRX or EOS. If your faction was ETH please chose if you want to send your tokens to a TRX or EOS wallet. (If you do not see a screen like the one below, please clear your cache and cookies and reload the page)

*SOUL can not be Withdrawn S2

  • It’s very important to remember only send the SOUL to a wallet you have private keys too, do not send it to an EXCHANGE wallet.
  • Also DO NOT SEND the SOUL tokens to the SOUL smart contract address.

Fill out the above details inc. how much of your SOUL you want to send to your wallet, your wallet password and make sure you enter your email verification code. The email verification code only lasts for 3 minutes.

Once you click Confirm, the SOUL tokens will be sent to the address you have specified and your SOUL tokens will be visible in your wallet within a few minutes. **Note: Some wallets might not display the token in your wallet, each wallet is different but you may need to add the SOUL contract address manually.

  • TRON Smart contract address: THXm85dwyCSTNPq8h1JDPth2vuTcwtXyBb
  • EOS smart contract address: soultokeneos

We have asked some wallets already to add the token smart contract address onto their wallets automatically.

Freezing the SOUL you have just purchased on DEX

If you have just purchased the SOUL on dex and want to send it to your in game wallet to freeze follow the following steps. Go to SOULdrops click on the $hand as shown below. A new screen will show up then simply select if you are depositing SOUL tokens from TRX or EOS blockchain, enter the amount of SOUL tokens you are depositing and click OK.

*SOUL can not be SENT INTO S2

Please make sure that you have a compatible wallet while doing this deposit and you are logged in with the wallet that is holding your SOUL tokens.

Thank you




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