Introducing a Magical Partnership: MOBOX & Project Twelve (P12) Unite!

5 min readOct 25, 2023


🌟 Exciting times are here! 🌟

Dear MOBOXers,

Today, we are overjoyed to share with you a momentous occasion, the result of years of dedicated collaboration and a shared vision that has been woven into the very fabric of MOBOX since its inception. It is with immense pride that we unveil our partnership with Project Twelve (P12), who is building the first and only GUI On-chain Engine for on-chain games and autonomous worlds.

This is a realization of a dream we’ve nurtured since day one, a dream outlined in our whitepaper. We’ve tirelessly worked in harmony with P12, combining their unparalleled expertise in building the on-chain gaming engine with our deep knowledge of blockchain games. The fruit of this labor is the groundbreaking P12 Editor, a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming the gaming landscape and revolutionizing the way players interact with the metaverse. 🚀🎮

🚀 Igniting Creative Sparks with the P12 Editor 🚀

You asked, and we listened!

P12 is building the first and only on-chain engine P12 Editor , which pioneers the transition from a Command Line Interface (CLI) to a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). P12 Editor drastically lowered the barrier for developing onchain games and empower developers to achieve composable games creation, seamless assets deployment and permissionless open economies.

With the P12 Editor, we’re granting you the one-stop infrastructure to build entire universes, create captivating stories, and craft gameplay mechanics that are uniquely yours. Think of it as a canvas for your creativity, a playground where your wildest ideas can come to life. Here is a recap of the beta launch of the P12 Editor in September.

This partnership isn’t just a collaboration; it’s the realization of our whitepaper’s vision that has been a part of MOBOX’s DNA since its inception. It’s a transformation, a metamorphosis that promises to change the landscape of decentralized gaming from now on. Welcome to a new era where your imagination is the blueprint, and the world is your playground. 🎨✨

🚀 Unfold the Partnership Beyond the Imagination

Strategic Complementarity: 1+1>2

Mobox’s whitepaper highlights a critical demand for Game Creators, offering them a full suite of infra for simplified game development, large gamer community, and low cost publishing. P12 Editor will enable thousands of on-chain games to emerge rapidly, which will significantly expand Mobox’s offerings, and bring new depth to the ecosystem. The Mobox community can experience richer gameplay and more diverse options.

Expanding $MBOX Token Utility

$MBOX Token will gain richer utility in the P12 ecosystem.

  • $MBOX serves as an access to a range of activities in the P12 ecosystem. For example, users can pay $MBOX to get voting access and upload creations on the P12 Arcana.
  • $MBOX serves as the medium that unifies the value of the on-chain assets, such as characters, game scenes, and in-game items created with the P12 Editor.
  • $MBOX serves as a wellspring for creator grants, designed to reward creators who are innovative and continuously contribute value to the UGC ecosystem.
  • $MBOX serves as a stake to select quality creations and dedicated contributors.

Revenue Giving Back to Both Communities

Revenue from the UGC creator ecosystem and on-chain games publishing will reward both Mobox and P12 communities, incentivizing content creation and fostering symbiotic growth between the platforms, thus catalyzing a dynamic and prosperous gaming ecosystem.

🪄 Unveiling Event: A Call to Imagination 🪄

To celebrate this enchanting partnership, we’re launching an event that’s all about imagination. We invite you to explore the P12 Editor and let your creativity run wild. Design characters, build worlds, and craft your very own NFTs or anything else you desire, that could one day find their way into MOBOX games. 🎉📽️

P12 Arcana: Mobox Season consists of two separate prize pools.

‘$MBOX Arcana Grant’ motivates dynamic creators, operating in sequential rounds.

Create your MOMO NFT’ is a fresh side event. Use P12 Editor to design your MOMO that will get minted into a genuine MOMO NFT, backed by the Mobox marketplace.

$MBOX Arcana Grant

⏰ 25/10/2025 — TBD

Chain: BNB Chain

Incentives: $MBOX

Prize Distribution: in rounds

Scope of Entries: All submitted creations




  1. Download the P12 Editor from the Arcana website, create any works that spark your imagination, and vote for your favorite creations.
  2. Rewards are distributed at the end of each round, after which both the vote count and prize pool are reset to zero.
  3. In each round, top voted creations will be rewarded. At the same time, P12 and Mobox judges select another selection of top creations based on creativity and dedication.
  4. Both creators and voters of the winning creations share the $MBOX prize pool. Creators get a portion, with voters dividing the rest based on their voting weight.
  5. Win prizes by creating imaginative, well-designed work, or by voting for such creations.

Note: This round-based reward system is a sustainable feature, enduring beyond the Mobox season. We aim to continually introduce new incentives and refine the mechanism.

Side Event: Create Your MOMO NFT

⏰ 25/10/2023 — TBD

Chain: BNB Chain

Incentives: MOMO NFT in 5 Rarities

Prize Distribution: One-time

Scope of Entries: Creations resembling the original cube-shaped MOMO NFT design




MOMO NFTs, a featured NFT collection, play a central role in liquidity mining and offer seamless interoperability as cross-game assets across the MOBOX ecosystem. In this Arcana, we introduce an exceptional side event: create your own unique MOMO and bring it to life as an NFT you own.

  1. Use P12 Editor to design your own MOMO (must be cube-shaped)
  2. Selected creations will be launched as NFTs, join the MOMO NFT Collection in 5 rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare, Epic, and offer a free-mint to the original creators.
  3. P12 Editor provides a ‘Create your MOMO NFT’ template to streamline your creation process. Simply decorate your MOMO using components in the asset library and let your creativity shine!

Note: This is a limited-time side event offering only a single round of prizes, separate from the long-term Arcana Prize Pool.

🌟 In Summary: A New Era of Creativity and Enchantment 🌟

This partnership isn’t just about games; it’s about inviting you into a world of creativity and enchantment. This journey is only just beginning, and we’re thrilled to embark on it alongside P12. So, MOBOXers, get ready for a wave of enchantment and creativity like you’ve never seen before. Our partnership with P12 is a promise of innovation, a commitment to breaking barriers, and a journey into the magical unknown. Stay tuned for more updates and watch as the magic unfolds before your very eyes.✨🔮

Best regards,





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