LBP(Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool): The Innovative Approach to $MDBL Fair Launch

4 min readMar 27, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

As we edge closer to the Dragonverse Neo featuring $MDBL Fair Launch, the anticipation is tangible, and we’re excited to bring you crucial information to get you launch-ready.

$MDBL will be fairly launched through an innovative IDO strategy — Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), with the following principles:

  • Fair Allocation: All $MDBL will be initially distributed to the community, with NO allocation to the team or investors.
  • Fair Distribution: Every participant starts at the same line without special privileges. NO whitelisting or bots front-running.
  • Fair Price-discovery: The market’s forces will define $MDBL’s true value.

LBPs create a harmonious setting that ensures fairness among both seasoned and new members of our community, as well as between those holding large and small quantities of funds. This method fosters a fairer distribution of tokens that benefits a wider range of participants, and further reinforces MOBOX’s dedication to sustained development and continuous growth.

What is LBP?

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) is a revolutionary approach designed to facilitate fair, dynamic and transparent token launches. During the LBP, buying and selling can naturally cause the price and FDV(Fully Diluted Valuation) to increase or decrease accordingly.

How does the $MDBL LBP work?

  1. Initial Conditions: The LBP will kick off with a pre-determined FDV(Fully Diluted Valuation) and Weight Ratio of MDBL:MBTC. (What is M-BTC?)
  2. Fluid Pricing: During the fair launch, the price of $MDBL will be affected by both the pre-set price decay curve and how participants engage with the LBP. The price might slowly decrease, following a pattern similar to Dutch auctions. Yet, if there is a strong demand for many buyers actively participating, it can counteract the price decline, potentially slowing the decrease or even boosting the $MDBL price. The FDV will also fluctuate accordingly.
  3. Open Participation: Anyone can freely buy and sell during the LBP. There are no minimum purchasing requirements or lockups, allowing for maximum flexibility for participants.
  4. Authentic Price Reflection: After a certain duration of the fair launch, $MDBL’s price mirrors actual demand and sentiment.

When will the LBP End?

The LBP will end at a fixed time once the MDBL:MBTC ratio hits the Ending Weight.

Note: The Ending Time has NO relation to whether the 69% of tokens allocated to the Fair Launch have been fully sold out or not.

Why use LBP for Fair Launch?

MOBOX, as a community-driven platform, has built a vibrant community that has deeply invested in the platform’s evolution over the years. Which is why, when we deliberated on how to launch the $MDBL, one method stood out as the true path to inclusivity and fairness — the LBP.

The LBP offers a more balanced approach with advantages including:

Fair Token Distribution

Unlike traditional IDOs, which might disadvantage smaller buyers with lower priorities, LBPs ensure everyone can participate at the same line. Regardless of buying size, all participants have the opportunity to obtain $MDBL proportionally, narrowing down the divide between large and small investors, promoting wider participation and thus fostering a fairer token distribution.

Enhanced Price Discovery

LBPs enable unrestricted buying and selling, leading $MDBL to settle at a reasonable price level that reflects its true market demand post-IDO. This mechanism prevents the risk of inflated early prices due to low supply, safeguarding against subsequent market corrections. With LBPs, the focus on accurate price discovery helps provide a more equitable investment environment, aligning with our ethos of safety and fairness.

Suited for Sustained Development

Starting from a fair price point, LBPs encourage projects to continuously innovate and deliver progress, driving up their valuation consistantly to attract genuine supporters. Thus, LBPs are often preferred by large-scale projects that are committed to delivering concrete products and long-term growth, such as BEAM (previously Merit Circle), MASK Network and more. The proceeds from the Fair Launch will directly contribute to the ongoing development of Dragonverse Neo and MOSE Chain.

What do you need to prepare for the LBP?

1. M-BTC

Ensure that your wallets are pre-stocked with M-BTC, which is the ONLY currency acceptable to $MDBL LBP.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to acquire M-BTC.

2. BTC on Merlin Chain

BTC on Merlin Chain is necessary for gas fees during the LBP.

Visit:, bridge your assets for BTC on Merlin.

3. Ensure your M-BTC and BTC are in your EVM Wallet

It is recommended to USE EVM Wallet (e.g. MetaMask) for ALL the interactions to guarantee a smooth user experience.⚠️ Thus, if you hold M-BTC and BTC in the AA Wallet (Particle Network), kindly transfer them to your EVM Wallet.

Note: AA Wallets (Particle Network) do NOT come with a Seed Phrase, so you can’t directly move to MetaMask through exporting your seed phrase. Instead, please transfer the assets from the Particle Wallets directly.

The specific date and the key parameters of the $MDBL LBP will soon be disclosed in a forthcoming announcement. Keep your notifications on, and stay tuned for the upcoming MDBL Authentic Fair Launch!

Dive into our Litepaper for a deeper understanding of $MDBL:



March 27, 2024

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