Magical Announcement: Unveiling the Enchanting World of MODragon!

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Dear MOBOXers,

As the MODragon project continues to progress, we have prepared an array of exciting new content for you. Now, let’s delve into a detailed preview of the upcoming gaming world!

Over the past two months, MODragon has achieved commendable results, and we extend our gratitude to all players for their support and participation! Your enthusiasm has breathed life into the forthcoming Dragonverse — a magical realm — making it even more vibrant and captivating.

With great pleasure, we announce a series of thrilling new content for the community: Dragonverse, along with meticulously crafted new gaming features. These elements will bring you more adventures, more fun, and a profound connection with the endearing MODragon.

Eager to explore? Let’s dive into the upcoming content together.

Dragonverse 3D

Dragonverse 3D: Embark on a mesmerizing 3D adventure, where the world comes alive with vivid colors and awe-inspiring beauty. The in-game Workbench will be your portal to managing your treasured game assets. In the near future, concealed enclaves will be unearthed, and players will embark on this journey together, unveiling the enigma of this world.

Breeding, Hatching, Trading, and More: In this new realm, players can breed, hatch, and nurture their very own MODragon. These unique creatures will accompany each player on unforgettable adventures. Moreover, players can engage in unrestricted trading on the marketplace, enabling them to acquire the MODragon of their dreams.

Interactive Maps: Dragonverse 3D features an array of unexplored regions awaiting players’ discovery. Each area boasts distinct topography and unique interactive gameplay.

Alpha Testing: Dragonverse 3D is slated to commence Alpha testing next month, accompanied by relevant testing events. Stay tuned for exclusive opportunities to experience the magic before anyone else!

Dragonverse’s First Turn-based MMORPG Preview

The turn-based MMORPG set to launch on Dragonverse is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game deeply integrated with the MOBOX ecosystem. It presents an enchanting blend of unique charm and immersive gameplay in a mysterious fantasy world brimming with legendary tales and magical prowess.

Game Features: Choose from diverse professions with unique skills and traits. Comprehensive character development through battles and quests will chart your character’s unique growth trajectory. Engage in strategic turn-based combat, dodging enemy attacks and gaining the upper hand in battles. Embark on daring expeditions, confronting formidable monsters and bosses in exhilarating PvP competitions.

1. Diverse Job Selection: Players can choose from a multitude of professions, each equipped with unique skills and traits. Players may mix and match their lineup to their preference. Additionally, the game supports changing the character’s default job to foster a varied combination of lineups.

2. Comprehensive Character Development: Through battles and quests, players accumulate experience and equipment to enhance their character’s level and abilities. Equipment, skills, and talents converge to chart a unique character growth trajectory.

3. Strategic Turn-based Combat: The game employs strategic turn-based combat, where players must strategically employ skill combinations, lineup arrangements, and tactical choices to dodge enemy attacks and gain the upper hand in battles.

4. Adventure and Exploration: The enigmatic game world is replete with uncharted challenges and treasures. Players can embark on daring expeditions across diverse maps and dungeons, confronting formidable monsters and bosses, and engaging in exhilarating PvP competitions.

Game Settings Exposed in Advance:

Dragonverse’s First Large-scale 3D MMORPG — Project M

Welcome to “Project M” — MOBOX’s first 3D large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)! In this mysterious world filled with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the remnants of civilization intertwine with unknown terrors. You will face threats from exotic creatures and various unknown monsters while exploring abandoned cities and treasures hidden within ruins.

1. Expansive World Exploration: Project M will craft a vast world for players to fully immerse themselves in a complete MMORPG experience.

2. Free 3D Perspective: The game supports free 3D perspective operation, allowing players to flexibly choose their viewpoint for better observation and combat.

3. Character Development: Players can freely develop their characters by choosing suitable equipment, skills, and other in-game resources, showcasing their character’s unique personality.

4. Rich Career Choices and Skill Combinations: In the game, players will encounter a variety of career choices and skill combination gameplay, allowing them to create the best combat strategies for their characters.

5. Real-time Combat: Project M will adopt a real-time combat system, providing players with an exciting and engaging combat experience.

6. Rich Plot and Quest: The game features a captivating storyline and various time-limited events and celebrations, offering generous rewards and allowing players to savor the excitement and joy of the game.

Elder MODragon’s Blessing Adjustment

The Elder MODragon’s Blessing gameplay has been adjusted from consuming 1000 MODragon Souls per offering to 500 MODragon Souls per offering. Along with this adjustment, the rewards have been modified accordingly. This gameplay will remain open, and the closing time will be notified separately.

Other Details:

1. Place your MODragon Soul to the MODragon Altar to receive the blessing of the Elder MODragon. MODragon Soul can be obtained through MODragon upgrades, evolutions, and breeding. Embarking on Dragon Expeditions will also yield MODragon Soul.

2. Rewards accumulated during the event can be claimed at any time.

3. MODragon Soul earned through upgrades differ based on MODragon quality:

· Common MODragon: 100 MODragon Soul (Common), 200 MODragon Soul (Uncommon), 300 MODragon Soul (Rare), 500 MODragon Soul (Epic).
· Uncommon MODragon: 200 MODragon Soul (Common), 400 MODragon Soul (Uncommon), 600 MODragon Soul (Rare), 1000 MODragon Soul (Epic).

4. MODragon Soul earned through evolution differ based on MODragon quality:

Common MODragon: 100 MODragon Soul, Uncommon MODragon: 300 MODragon Soul, Rare MODragon: 1000 MODragon Soul, Epic MODragon: 2500 MODragon Soul.

5. Breeding during the event rewards MODragon Soul equivalent to the consumption of ETH multiplied by 10,000. MBOX and ARB will be automatically converted to ETH. The minimum unit for MODragon Soul is 1, and rounding will be applied during calculations.

In the ARB Chain, each MODragon is unique, playing a crucial role in the upcoming games. Similarly, MOMO on the BNB Chain will hold a distinctive position in the grand adventure that awaits! Get ready for a magical journey with MOBOX & MODragon!

Your unwavering support and love have fueled our progress, and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary world with you. Thank you for being part of the MOBOX community and stay tuned for an enchanting experience!
With utmost gratitude and excitement,

27 July 2023




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