🐒MBOX x APEswap 🍌

MOBOX in conjunction with Apeswap are teaming up and ready to
Go… B-A-N-A-N-A-S!…..BANANAS!🍌

🙈 For those of you who have tuned into our previous articles and as previously mentioned in our AMA’s, here at MOBOX we are working on partnerships and combining communities as we believe supporting one and other is important.
So here is to one of many collaborations and many more to come!🙌

Now…… to the exciting PARTS!

Let’s not Monkey around and get straight into the ins and outs of this Awesome Team Up!

🙈 As part of this collaboration between MOBOX and Apeswap all MOMO hodlers & Cheeky Monkeys out there 🙊that are currently mining the MBOX token in the Mining Camp will also mine “🍌Bananas” from ApeSwap.

Wanna hear more?…

🙉 There will be a total of 139600 BANANAs that can be gained for a period of time by simply staking your MOMO NFTs.

🙊 That’s Right! 139600 BANANAs! 🍌

It’s Time To Go Ape! Here At MOBOX & APEswap! 🦍

🍌Banana Mining 🚜 via staking MOMO’s will kickstart from this Friday the 18th of June

Team MOBOX will create 5 legendary NFT’s for ApeSwap that will be used across both platforms. Stay tuned for more news in regards to these 5 Legendary NFT’s

🙈 At MOBOX & APEswap There Is No Monkey Business Here!
We Are Going All Bananas, Monkeys, MOMOS & Apes IN! 🙊

🐒NOW who’s ready to have More fun than a barrel of Monkeys?!

🍌Lets Go BANANAS 🍌

Join In HERE



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