$MDBL Fair Launch Concluded: So, What’s Next?

3 min readApr 9, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

The $MDBL Fair Launch has successfully concluded! We’re immensely grateful for your support over the past 10 days.

The LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools), as our IDO strategy, demonstrated clear benefits:

  • A significant portion of our community managed to buy at a more favorable price.
  • A wider range of purchase sizes, enriching our holder base’s diversity.
  • Attract genuine supporters who participated after thoughtful analysis.

Let’s recap the highlights and share some important updates.


We’re proud to be the link uniting Web3 Gamers and Bitcoin Native Community.

  • Funds Raised: 106.50 M-BTC (excluding the initial liquidity of 3 M-BTC)
  • Total Volume: 352.38 M-BTC
  • LBP Distribution: 39.14% (no vesting)
  • Demographics: 45% MOBOXers, 55% Bitcoin Native Newcomers

Plans for LBP Remaining Supply

During the 10-day LBP, 39.14% of the Total Supply was distributed to the community. Since we initially allocated 69% of the Total Supply to the Fair Launch, the remaining portion (29.86%) will be used as follows:

  • Airdrop to LBP Participants: 10,500,000 $MDBL (0.50%)
  • Airdrop to LBP Participants with Dragon Balls: 10,500,000 $MDBL (0.50%)
  • Burn: Any unqualified or unclaimed $MDBL airdrop will be burned
  • Initial DEX Liquidity: 63,000,000 $MDBL (3.00%)
  • Treasury Fund: 543,060,000 $MDBL (25.86%)

LBP Funding Usage

The 106.50 M-BTC raised will be used as follows:

  • 10% for Initial DEX Liquidity
  • 10% for $MDBL Buyback Pool
  • 80% for the development of Dragonverse Neo and MOSE Chain

$MDBL Airdrop Rules

A total of 21,000,000 $MDBL (1.00% of the Total Supply) is allocated to LBP Participants & Dragon Ball Holders.

🔗 Verify: https://dragonverseneo.mobox.app/events

Part I. Airdrop to LBP Participants

  • Total Amount: 10,500,000 $MDBL (0.50%)
  • Your Share: (Your $MDBL Balance / LBP Total Distribution) * 10,500,000
  • Eligibility: LBP Participant Address with $MDBL Balance
  • Snapshot Time: 8AM UTC, April 8, Monday
  • Claim Date: April 23

Part II. Airdrop to LBP Participants Holding Dragon Balls

  • Total Amount: 10,500,000 $MDBL (0.50%)
  • Your Share: The Number of your Dragon Ball (or M-Dragon Ball) * 105
  • Eligibility: 1️⃣ LBP Participant Address with over 1000 $MDBL balance; 2️⃣ Dragon ball Hodlers; 3️⃣ Verify both BTC & EVM address
  • Snapshot Time: 8AM UTC, April 12, Friday
  • Claim Date: April 23

Note: If you’ve staked Dragon Balls on Merlin Chain, please first claim the M-Dragon Balls before verification.

Claim M-Dragon Ball: https://merlinchain.io/mtoken

Part III. Burn

Any unqualified or unclaimed $MDBL airdrop will be burned.

M-Token Rewards

Participants who meet certain criteria are eligible for extra rewards of M-Bluebox & M-Musicbox

  • Snapshot Time: 8AM UTC, April 8, Monday
  • Claim Time: After the launch of M-Bluebox & M-Musicbox

Upcoming Major Development Timeline

  • MOBOX 3rd Anniversary Event: Apr 12 — Apr 19
  • $MDBL Liquidity Yield Announcement: Apr 22
  • $MDBL Claim: Apr 23
  • $MDBL Airdrop Distribution: Apr 23
  • DEX Listing: Apr 23
  • $MDBL Liquidity Yield Live : Apr 23
  • MODragon Hatching: Early May
  • Dragonverse Neo Beta Test: Early May

We’re deeply thankful to everyone who joined us on this remarkable journey. Stay connected with our official channels for more milestones.💛💙


April 9, 2024




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