$MDBL Fair Launch is Live

4 min readMar 29, 2024


$MDBL Fair Launch

🔗 Official Website: https://dragonverseneo.mobox.app/mdbl

💎 Supported Currency: $M-BTC

LBP Duration: 3/29 8AM UTC — 4/8 8AM UTC

🛎️ Claim Time: Mid April

🎁 Participation Rewards:

  • M-Bluebox
  • M-Musicbox
  • Extra $MDBL exclusively for Dragon Ball holders
$MDBL LBP Key Prameters

What is $MDBL

$MDBL serves as the native token for Dragonverse Neo and MOSE. It will grant you access to benefits including:

  • Liquidity Yield
  • Game Rewards
  • MOSE Nodes
  • MODragon Hatching
  • Co-Creation & Co-Governance

For more details, please refer to the Dragonverse Neo Litepaper

How the Fair Launch Works

$MDBL will be fairly launched through an innovative IDO strategy — Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), aiming at:

  • Fair Allocation: All $MDBL will be initially distributed to the community, with NO allocation to the team or investors.
  • Fair Distribution: Every participant starts at the same line without special privileges. NO whitelisting or bots front-running.
  • Fair Price-discovery: The market’s forces will define $MDBL’s true value.

During the LBP, buying and selling can naturally cause the price and FDV(Fully Diluted Valuation) to increase or decrease accordingly.

Learn more about LBP

Participation Rewards

Participants who meet the following criterias are eligible for extra rewards:

  • Extra $MDBL Airdrop to Dragon Ball Hodlers, distributed after the $MDBL claiming.
  • M-Bluebox & M-Musicbox Reward based on the $MDBL Holdings.

How to Participate

Important Reminders 🚨

  • □ M-BTC ONLY
  • □ BTC on Merlin for Gas
  • □ EVM Wallet (e.g. MetaMask) ONLY

Step 0: Transfer M-BTC & BTC to EVM Wallet (Skip if you’re not an AA Wallet user)

1️⃣ Transfer M-BTC & BTC from AA Wallet (Particle) to EVM Wallet (e.g.MetaMask).

2️⃣Add Merlin Chain to EVM Wallet.

Merlin Chain Info

Step 1 — Get $MBTC & $BTC on Merlin (Skip if you already have them)

More detailed tutorial

1️⃣ Bridge assets to $BTC on Merlin using Meson or OKX DEX

2️⃣ Swap to $M-BTC

3️⃣ Remain $BTC on Merlin as gas

Step 2 — Participate

Official Website: https://dragonverseneo.mobox.app/mdbl

  • Buy or sell during the fair launch by inputting the desired $MDBL amount.
  • Check your $MDBL balance under “My $MDBL”.

Step 3 — Claim $MDBL

Set to claim your $MDBL around Mid April. Stay tuned for official announcements.

Possibel FAQs

What is the maximum amount of $MDBL I can buy in one transaction?

To prevent high price impact:

  • Maximum Purchase per Transaction: ≤ 30% of the current $MDBL pool.
  • It’s recommended to make multiple transactions to purchase more.

What do “Weights” mean in LBPs?

  • Weights show the $MDBL:$MBTC ratio in the pool.
  • It will change from 95:5 to 50:50.
  • Weight changes affect token prices, offering varied entry points.

When will the LBP End?

It will end on Apr 8th, 8AM UTC, regardless of whether the 69% allocation has been fully sold out or not.

Can I provide liquidity on $MDBL LBP?

No. Liquidity provision is not open to participants.

Are there any commissions required for the LBP?

No commission.

What is slippage and how does it affect my purchase?

  • Slippage refers to the difference between expected and actual prices when trading tokens.
  • Adjust your slippage tolerance to handle potential price differences.

Is there a deadline to claim my rewards?

No deadline.

Stay SAFU and Make Fair Launch Great Again!

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