Mobox 2024 Product Roadmap

5 min readDec 31, 2023


Dear MOBOXers,

This year was transformative for MOBOX after a pivotal shift towards a co-created and co-governed game production dedicated to building open and sustainable economies. In the coming year of 2024, MOBOX will stay focused on this vision while empowering the community to contribute the content and decide the evolution. This will be achieved through the launch of Dragonverse Neo as the first-ever 3D open world on BTC L2, the enhancement of key infrastructure including the game engine and MOBOX L2, the refinement of tokenomics and the upgrade of branding.

Let’s dive into what you can expect from MOBOX in 2024.

1. Dragonverse Neo: First 3D Open World on BTC L2

Version Release

  • Alpha on Windows PC
  • Deployed on BTC L2 (empowered by Bitmap Tech)
  • Official Launch
  • Expansion Pack

Game Features

  • In-game Tokenomics
  • UGC Construction Feature
  • Workshop & Open Marketplace
  • Mini-Game Publishing System
  • Multiplayer Rooms
  • Additional PvE Experiences
  • PvP Combat
  • Team Mode and Guild Implementation
  • Limited-time Quests
  • Item Craft & Upgrade System
  • Expeditions & Traveling System
  • Achievement System
  • World Map Extension

2. Co-Created & Co-Governed Open Economy

2.1 Co-Creation

Every MOBOXer can customize the game with a user-friendly 3D engine. User-generated content keeps the game fresh and stabilizes the in-game economy. It empowers players to enrich the game’s world, fostering a strong connection and commitment.

  • User Development Toolset: pre-made resource kits for creating equipment, characters, maps and game levels, user-friendly graphical interface, no coding or modelling skills required. (powered by our strategic partner Project Twelve)
  • Workshop & Open Marketplace: for publishing and trading user-generated items, providing a link for users to monetize their creative ideas.
  • Creator Incentive Fund: attract creators to engage in the MOBOX ecosystem. Incentives are aligned with the contribution and popularity.

2.2 Co-Governance

As a MOBOXer ($MBOX / veMBOX holders and MODragon / MOMO owners) you can decide the future path of MOBOX through decentralized governance.

  • Governance Homepage: MOBOXers can submit and vote on proposals through the embedded snapshot space. The homepage transparently displays on-chain governance details, including vote statistics, results, treasury status, and implementation progress.
  • Governance Forum: This is the birthplace of new proposals, providing a platform for MOBOXers to express their thoughts and opinions on every aspect of MOBOX and burn $MBOX to initiate the proposals. AI-powered multilingual translation is available to overcome language barriers.
  • Governance Mechanism: MOBOXers can vote on proposals based on different weights. Once a proposal secures a majority vote, it enters a Time Lock queue, whereupon it will be automatically implemented following a designated time frame.

3. Game Engine: A Catalyst for Game Booming

MOBOX will enhance the game infrastructure, a comprehensive toolkit for developing ecosystem games with a user-friendly interface. Building a game engine aligns with MOBOX’s vision of fostering a co-created and co-governed game production, aiming to achieve the following goals:

  1. Enrich Game Content: Users can easily contribute game contents with a user-friendly engine, which also improves the quality via built-in templates and resource kits.
  2. Accelerate Game Iteration: The engine enables rapid development, making it possible to swiftly implement community-approved proposals. This empowers MOBOXers to actively co-govern more aspects of the game.
  3. Elevate Game Quality: It is feasible to deliver cinematic-level rendering effects and exquisite art styles, even amidst rapid iteration.

3.1 Engine Primitives

  • Multi-camera support with separate spring arms
  • Automatic resource recycling
  • Navigation build system used for auto-routing
  • Filesystem IO cross-platform
  • Physics simulation engine and general collision capsule: elasticity, gravity, friction
  • Level jump interface
  • Player account subsystem
  • Storage K/V subsystem
  • Game versioning: update, rollback
  • Game text configuration object

3.2 Graphics

  • Outlining for avatars especially on Anime avatar-style
  • Accessory V2 for avatars with skeletal mesh and animation
  • Transparency material upgrade for better efficiency
  • Lighting effect: point lighting, ambient lighting, skybox
  • Post processing effect
  • Avatar-Styles: Anime, Cartoony, Low Poly
  • Particle effect

3.3 Multiplayer Server

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) for in-room players. Add player, invitation link, kick player, blacklist player etc.
  • Advanced in-game chat feature with richer text and emoji compatibility
  • Character state machine synchronization
  • Character coordination synchronization
  • Trim syncing of characters not in viewable radius
  • RPC calls and channel API

3.4 Prefabs, Gameplays & Component Systems

  • Prefab: swimming functionality; footstep effect; trigger objects for simple logic activation; vehicle, flying vehicle and automobile. Automobile class has the finest control in terms of torque, braking, acceleration, realistic physics
  • Component: walking, with friction, acceleration, collision, aerial detection; game control, shortcut keys, keyboard & mouse, touch screen, touch events; NPC, AI decision tree

3.5 SubEditors, Productivity & UX

  • Revamp sorting and search for resource library
  • UI Editor: creating in-game menu in a storyboard fashion
  • Character Editor: avatar, humanoid, animal
  • Build-in profiler for performance measurement: frame rate, draw call, ram usage
  • Editor State: autosave, undo, redo, restore state
  • Coloring schemes for resource library tags
  • Quick link to respective documentation sections
  • Technical Forum

4. MOBOX Gaming L2: Codename Desolator

MOBOX will build a gaming layer 2 that offers a comprehensive Web3 gaming solution for streamlined development, quick iteration and cost efficiency. MOBOX in-house and third-party games will be deployed on MOBOX L2, cultivating a vibrant gaming ecosystem.

4.1 Modular Rollup Architecture

  • Modular architecture
  • Consensus layer and DA to reputable L1
  • Work with top-tier RaaS providers for infrastructure like execution layer setup, blockchain explorer etc
  • Native L2 bridge + third party bridge

4.2 Account Abstraction (AA) Layer

  • Built-in account abstraction for the L2 for easy adoption
  • Integration on key infrastructures like blockchain explorers and wallets to be compatible with account abstraction.

4.3 Game Deployments

  • More games to be deployed on L2

4.4 Token Swap & NFT Marketplace

  • Deploy Token Swap with core protocol following Uniswap V3
  • Deploy NFT Marketplace with core protocol following modified Seaport 1.5

5. Tokenomics Refinement: Reduce Emission for Sustainable Economies

  • Dynamic adjustment of mining difficulty
  • Diminish subscription of MOMO NFTs
  • Optimize the allocation of $MBOX emissions

6. Rebranding

Upgrade the visual experience of MOBOX across all platforms.

  • Official Website V2
  • LOGO Upgrade

December 31, 2023




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