🎉MOBOX 2nd Anniversary Celebration: Share Your Highlight MOments & Unveil a Magical Adventure!🎉

5 min readApr 6, 2023

Hey Hey MOBOXers,

As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we want to show our appreciation for all the unforgettable moments and achievements we’ve shared. To make this celebration truly special, we’re inviting you to participate in two exciting events that showcase your creativity and let you explore the magical world of MOMOverse!

Are you ready to celebrate our 2nd anniversary in style? We sure are, and we’re inviting you to join us for an exciting community event that showcases your most memorable moments on MOBOX. Whether you’ve conquered a tough level, made a breathtaking achievement, met new friends, had a funny moment, or done anything else that stands out as a special memory, we want to see it all!

Event 1: Share Your Highlight MOments

To participate in this event, we invite all users to share their highlight moments by taking screenshots or screen recordings of their favorite moments in MOMOverse and MOBOX games. We will select the 20 most creative entries and reward the winners with exciting prizes!
But wait, it gets even better! Not only will we select the 20 most creative entries to win prizes, but we’ll also display them in MOBOX’s community, official Twitter account and even MOMOverse in the future for all to see. Imagine your greatest gaming moments immortalized forever in MOBOX history — now that’s something to brag about!

So, what are you waiting for? Show us your best moments and be part of MOBOX’s 2nd-anniversary celebration! This is a chance to showcase your creativity, connect with other players, and win big in the process.

Event Details:

Event Duration:

Apr 6, 2023 8:00 A.M. UTC — Apr 13, 2023 8:00 A.M. UTC


🥇 First Prize (1st — 3rd place): Mini MOBall *500 + MOBall *100 + Community Creator badge + MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT

🥈 Second Prize (4th — 10th place): Mini MOBall *200 + MOBall *50 + MOMO Avatar *1 + Community Creator badge + MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT

🥉 Third Prize (11th — 20th place): Mini MOBall *100 + MOBall *30 + Community Creator badge + MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT

🏅 Grand Prize: Real Life Mystery Box *1

The MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT is exclusively dedicated to the anniversary lucky draw event. Every winner will be granted a MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT that grants them entry into the lucky draw and a chance to win the grand prize — Real Life Mystery Box!

Lucky Draw Link: https://www.mobox.io/#/anniversary-raffle

How to Participate:

Record or take screenshots of your “Highlight MOments” in MOMOverse or Mobox games. You have the flexibility to customize recordings using editing and formatting options, unleashing your creativity.

Share the screenshots or videos in Twitter comment section and quote tweet section of the event tweet. Hashtag #MOBOX2ndAnniversary and tag three friends.

Team MOBOX will select 20 most creative entries from the Twitter comment section. The post will be evaluated based on:

1. Creativity/Originality,
2. The relevance to the MOBOX platform and MOBOX community
3. The overall effectiveness in telling a story


Team MOBOX will announce the winners one week after the event ends and send out rewards at that time. The lucky draw will be open for 7 days starting from when the MOBOX2ndAnniversary NFT is airdropped, so make sure to plan your schedule accordingly.

At MOBOX, we’re proud of the vibrant community of MOBOX gamers that has grown around our platform over the past two years. We look forward to celebrating our anniversary with you and can’t wait to see what amazing moments you’ll share.

Event 2: MOMOverse — Enchanting Collection & Burn Event

Step into a magical world in the MOMOverse from April 7th, where an extraordinary collection event will unfold before your eyes. All MOMOverse residents are cordially invited to join in the mystifying fun.

In this enchanting realm, seek out items hidden across the map and discover MBOX tokens, which will be burned in a dazzling spectacle!
Team MOBOX anticipates burning approximately 33,000,000 MBOX per week, totaling ~132,056,214 MBOX. These tokens, equivalent to around 58.69% of the total planned distribution for the 2nd year, will come from the undistributed amount of the first year contract.

Event 2 Duration:

Apr 7, 2023 — 9:00 am UTC — May 5th 2023–8:00 am UTC

About the Spellbinding Event

  1. Gather items & earn points: Uncover items hidden within the MOMOverse, and collect them to earn points for the leaderboard.
  2. MBOX burn: Throughout the collection event, you may stumble upon a trove of MBOX tokens. These tokens will be directly burned and destroyed. The more items you gather, the greater your chances of finding the elusive MBOX.

Enchanting Details on Collecting:

1. During the event, there will be two captivating leaderboards: the daily leaderboard and the overall leaderboard. Players who enter the top 1000 of the daily leaderboard or the top 200 of the overall leaderboard can win rewards.

2. Refer to the “MBOX Burn Table” below for point details.

3. Collect up to 200 points per day during the enthralling event.

4.Synthetic item [Fireworks]: Crafting Fireworks in MOMOverse can earn you points. You will receive 50 points for each Firework you successfully craft.


1. Each week during the event, 33,000,000 MBOX will be distributed across the MOMOverse map.

2. Every Friday throughout the event’s duration, Team MOBOX will set ablaze all collected MBOX tokens and announce the results across our social media channels.

The above is an overview of the mesmerizing Collection and Burn Event.

See you in the mystical world of MOMOverse!

6 April 2023




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