MOBOX Avatar Airdrop

Get excited MOBOX Hodlers!

Announcing the MOBOX Avatar Airdrop!

MOBOX will take a snapshot of the BNB chain on April 5th , 2022, 8am (UTC). Each address on the BNB chain that meets the following conditions can obtain up to three Avatar chests.

veMBOX stake duration period must be staked as “Long” on

✅ 18000–32000 veMBOX will receive 1️⃣ Avatar chest

✅ 32001–90000 veMBOX will receive2️⃣ Avatar chests

✅ More than 90001 veMBOX will receive3️⃣ Avatar chests

The MOBOX Avatar smart contract is expected to be released after the official launch of MOMOverse. The Avatar chests will be airdropped to players after the Avatar smart contract is released. Please stay tuned — coming soon!

1) MOBOX Avatar is an ERC-721 NFT.

2) There is no number limit of Avatars that each address can hold. Players can change to different Avatars in the MOMOverse to display.

3) Each Avatar has 15 property attributes. Property attributes are fixed and cannot be changed once minted.

4) Each property attribute of the Avatar has a corresponding rarity, and the rarity of limited property is less than 0.001%.

5) Avatar will have a comprehensive rarity base on rarity of 15 property attributes.

6) Each Avatar has 8 special slots, which can produce a mosaic limited-edition NFT (EX: Cooperative brand clothes) and be display in the MOBOX game.

7) Avatar Withdrawal's from Binance…please stay tuned for more info!

8) The MOBOX Avatar is the identity and is a unique WEB3 ID used in the MOMOverse. Players who hold Avatars can participate in MOprofession, MOsocial and MOMO Home.

9) Subsequent games in the MOMOverse will have certain requirements for Avatar rarity.

10) The MOBOX platform will open Avatar market. MOBOX Avatar can be listed on any 3rd NFT marketplace.

(1) Avatar chests on BNB addresses cannot be transferred.

(2) Players can use MBOX to buy Avatar chests in the MOMOverse.

(3) Players can replace the Avatar they hold into an Avatar Chest in MOMOverse (MBOX cost requires), and the original Avatar ID will be canceled.

(4) Opening the Avatar chest will mint a new Avatar, and the Avatar ID starts from 1000 and accumulates sequentially.

What Are MOBOX Avatars — MOMO-mians?

MOBOX Avatars/MOMO-mians are a virtual representation of YOU used in the MOMOverse.

Uniquely just yours, they are digital versions of a walking talking you where you can control and express your best self in this graphical character of you! Your little creation will allow you to express your identity in the MOBOX digital realm, go shopping, play games, work, live life do what you do best all with your personalized & customized self. What better way to get to know the ins and outs of a magical MOMO metaverse then with your very own mini me, wouldn’t you say?

Now imagine a world where other MOMO-mians roam around & socialize together, living their best life and you can get up close and personal, joining in MOBOX games together and be a part of so much more fun in this alternative universe using your MOMO-mian to guide the way. I mean interacting with others MOBOXer MOMO-mians WOW! Now that’s pretty neat!

Take your MOMO-mian and enter a whole new dimension, be in control of the action, interact with other MOBOXers, make new friends.

As you go about your day living within the MOMOverse space you can explore, you can also create and you monetize!

Are you ready to join in on the fun?


March 25, 2022



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