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2 min readOct 31, 2022

MOMOverse: MOHome Alpha Test

MOMOverse will go into maintenance for an update on 31st October 2022 at 7:55 UTC, the update is expected to last for 60 minutes. MOHome Alpha Test will officially START after the update.

All users can click on the “MOMOverse” section on the homepage or log in via the MOBOX APP to participate.

MOMOverse: MOHome Alpha Test

MOHome Alpha Test: Full Rules and Details

MOMOverse: Halloween Event

MOMOverse Economics Description

1. The daily MBOX yield of MOHome is capped at 100,000 MBOX, including 50,000 MBOX per day produced from MOMO Farmer.

2. When MOHome is officially launched, MOMO Farmer and MOMOverse resource mines will be merged, so that players can participate in both “MBOX Mining” in MOMO Farmer and “MOMOverse Resource Mining” in MOMOverse without having to migrate from MOMO to MOMOverse.

After the merge, the productivity of MOMO in the MOMOverse = MOMO Hash Power; the total productivity requirements for each slot will be readjusted; the initial hash power requirements remain the same.

3. The MOBOX team will soon provide a detailed description of the value of MOMO in the platform’s economics, as well as plans for updates regarding the empowerment of MOMO.

4. Team MOBOX is committed to the long-term development of the platform’s economics and has made it a primary goal to expand the reach of the MOBOX brand.

We thank each and every player for their contribution to building a better MOBOX.

31 October 2022




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