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MOBOX Community Update #10

👋Hi there MOBOX crew

Here we are bringing you your weekly update!

We have some progress updates for you ass well as an expected launch date for our MOBOX Platform.

Exciting right!?

Read along to find out more details we are sharing in this update!

Check out our quick rewind on what happened last week in case you missed out and what’s happening BTS!

Quick Rewind ⏪

MOBOX Alpha Testing Leaderboard has now Finished

MOBOX to launch on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

MOBOX New NFT Game to launch on MOBOX

BTS ( Behind The Scenes ) @ MOBOX

The MOBOX team has been busy in the recent weeks developing a true NFT one stop platform with a DeFi twist 😍!
During this week we have a planed update on the MOBOX wallet.
This is a further update to the MOBOX Centralized wallet and MOBOX decentralized wallet.

Centralized wallet
Do you have USDT on the Ethereum Network but need that on the BSC network or even on TRON?
With our MOBOX Centralized wallet simply choose the Blockchain you want your funds deposited on, it’s really as simple as that! The centralized wallet will help new users adapt much easier into the crypto DeFi world of yieldfarming.

We have also integrated pancakeswap add liquidity and swap function right into the platform.
This will make the MOBOX platform a one stop shop, so that users do not have to jump from platform to platform to yield farm and use a combination of different wallets.

MBOX Buy Back And Burn🔥

To ensure full transparency, team MOBOX has developed an auto buyback and burn feature that is fully controlled by Smart Contracts.
A portion of the profits from yield farming is directed into an “auto buyback and burn” pool consisting of BNB.
The smart contracts will constantly check the average MBOX price in the past 72 hours. Whenever the price falls below the 72 hour average price the smart contract will be triggered to swap the funds in the pool for MBOX tokens at a random time and it will also auto burn🔥 the MBOX tokens.

What Does The Future Hold 🔮

Expected launch date of the MOBOX Platform is the 29th Of MARCH !

We are expecting to launch the MOBOX platform in 14 days from today, which will also include the smart contract audits by CERTIK.

The functions that will be available at launch are the following:

Yield Farming on BSC through PancakeSwap and Venus
Centralized wallet
Decentralized wallet
Referral System

Team MOBOX will also be updating the Roadmap as well as the lightpaper for the MOBOX Platform. So Stay Tuned there is lots more exciting news to be shared.

Alpha Test Event / Rewards

The Alpha Test Event has now concluded, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players that participated in the event, where over $300,000 was locked up for staking. Congratulations to all the players that got ranked on the USDT/MBOX leaderboard.

Prizes will be sent out within 7 DAYS to all the Players that got ranked and will be available in your Centralized MOBOX wallets. These rewards will be paid out after the new updated MOBOX Centralized wallet is released later this week.

Thanks for tuning in MOBOXERS

Till next time ✌️

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