MOBOX Community Update #12

👋Hi there MOBOXers

Here again! Bringing you another update to keep you informed and in the know.

We have successfully launched our innovative MOBOX platform on the Binance Smart Chain a week ago.

For anyone new to the platform and if you want to know how to get started in staking on the MOBOX Platform, we have a Guide for you HERE.

With the launch a week ago the uptake of the platform has been nothing but amazing. We had over 14,000 unique NFTs traded on the platform in only 7 days, and over 30,000 Chest unlocked. These awesome NFTs will be used across our MOBOX platform including the next 3 Games which we will release this year. The First Game to be released on the MOBOX platform is now right around the corner.

Platform stats so far:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $180,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 37,500
  • Total Unique NFT’s traded (BRC721) : 14,000 NFTs
  • Total NFTs traded: Over $7,500,000

As we have it so far the most expensive NFT sold was “Gaurd Garry” for $69999, with a Hash Mining power of 1803. Pretty impressive right?

Roadmap and White paper

Want to know more about where we are heading and what's coming up?
Catch up by checking out our Whitepaper, which includes our roadmap you can read it HERE.

Update on MOBOX 12th April

The following updates have been applied.

✅1. Fixed display bug for rare quality MOMO upgrade preview.
✅2. Fixed display bug in “sell” option in Market
✅3. Added “display staked only” function to staked pools
✅4. Added function that locked MOMOs cannot be sold
✅5. Added search function for MOMOs in the market.

What Does The Future Hold in the next month?🔮

1. Updated UI

2. Completion of Audit with CertiK

3. First game Demo to be released

4. Introduce MBOX staking

5. AMA with various communities

6. We may introduce new strategies

In other news with our platform:

Keeping up to date with our platform on our socials and medium is readily available. This week we have had a lot of updates and tweets. One of which we published (see tweet) and was retweeted by the Binance Chain Community with over 300,000 followers. How awesome is this! We are super grateful for all the support and shares from all our players!

An article about MOBOX was also published by BSC NEWS, and you can read that article here. Another awesome share!

What a great, supportive and amazing industry we have!

Our Current Events:

MOMO NFT creator event

Do you feel the urge to be super creative and want to come up with an artistic MOMO on MOBOX of your very own?

Well here you have it…use this PSD file (which you can download here) and draw any MOMO you like!

A maximum of 5 winners will be chosen to win a whopping $500 USD each. Team MOBOX will quality check each submission and will choose a maximum of 5 winners under the team’s discretion.

This event will last for 1 month ending on the 6th of MAY.
Once you have completed your MOMO drawing simply submit your entry HERE. Winners will be contacted after the 7th of May.

Twitter Events:

Below are our current twitter events, don’t miss \

Make sure to join in and follow the instructions to win some amazing prizes:

Event 1 — Ending 19th April — See Tweet HERE

Event 2 - No End date — last to comment will trigger end date, See Tweet HERE

We look forward to another jam-packed NFT buzzing week ahead with plenty more updates to come!

Thanks for tuning in MOBOXERS

Till next time ✌️

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