MOBOX Community Update #22

👋Hey YO MOBOXers!

MOBOX Here Comin At Ya!

With all the newest things on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Stats on; TVL, Chests, NFTs Traded & MBOX
  • Binance NFT Marketplace
  • Treasure Hunt / Loda Team Alliance
  • Tokenomics Adjustment
  • Binance Legendary NFT Auction

📊Platform stats:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $145,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 632166
  • Total NFTs traded last 7 days : over $2,684,000
  • Total MBOX Staked : 4,172,864 (representing 13.5% of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 30,898,382
  • Current Market Cap ~$50,000,000

📦Binance NFT Marketplace📦

💥Boom! It’s official!

MOBOX mystery boxes will be available on the 29th of July on the Binance NFT Marketplace!

➡️A Mystery Box provides you the chance to receive a random MOMO NFT. Each NFT has a different level of rarity.

🤯There will be a total of 25,000 Boxes available on the marketplace, with a price of $20 for each Mystery BOX.📦

⭐️In those 25,000 Boxes (1500 reserved for Community)that are available the following will appear:

◾️ Common MOMOs 12500 ← Probability 50%
◾️ Uncommon MOMOs 8750 ← Probability 35%
◾️ Unique MOMOs 3000 ← Probability 12%
◾️ Rare MOMOs 737 ← Probability 2.948%
◾️ Epic MOMOs 10← Probability 0.04%
◾️ Legendary MOMOs 3 ← Probability 0.012%

📦Note: While all of the MOBOX Mystery NFT Boxes you unlock on Binance will be able to be used on you will not be able to withdraw them straight away until Binance enables the send feature on the NFT marketplace.

🎮Loda & Team Alliance🎮

For anyone not familiar with with Loda and Team Alliance.
Team Alliance is a world renowned Esports gaming organization and is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports.

➡️ In our collaboration with Loda and Team Alliance we will also launch an exclusive “Loda/ Team Alliance” Treasure HUNT! 🙌

How will this treasure hunt work?

🔍You simply need to get the “secret word” stashed in the text on the MOBOX Binance NFT Marketplace.

🤯We will be giving out 500 Mystery Boxes in this treasure hunt !

⭐️You will be able to receive a wide range of MOMO NFTs including a Legendary LODA MOMO NFT

** We will announce more details including where you can claim these mystery boxes, closer to launch date!**

So stay tuned!

⭐️MOBOX Platform Tokenomics Adjustment⭐️

The MOBOX platform has launched for over 3 months and every milestone MOBOX has accomplished would not have been possible without the support from all of our MOBOXers!
In order to develop the platform more steadily, flawlessly and sustainably in the long term, we will make several important adjustments to the tokenomics of the platform in the next half month.

The main updates are as follows:

✅Staking in MOMO: NFT Farmer Crates will no longer produce KEYs, and will be changed to MBOX tokens. The exact amount of MBOX tokens will be announced before the update (ETA: Aug, 5th).

✅Launch of new BEP-1155 Mystery BOX. The value proposition of BOX and KEY are the same. Open a BOX and receive a MOMO with the exact same MOMO quality rates. BOX can be obtained through a “Lucky Draw” system. Each BOX Lucky Draw” duration will be 7 days. “Lucky Draw” will be divided into two systems “Normal BOX Draw” & “Advanced BOX Draw”.

Normal BOX Draw: Each round will have 2000 BOXes, with no minimum veMBOX requirements. Each address can only draw 1 BOX.

Advanced BOX Draw: Each round will have 18000 BOX. Each address will be limited to 1 Draw chance. The more veMBOX the more BOXes that can be drawn. Exact amounts for veMBOX and BOX will be released before the update (ETA: July 29th).

✅MOMO Bonus Hash Rate adjustment: Full set (common, uncommon, unique, rare) bonus hash rate changed from 100 to 300 (ETA: Aug, 5th).

✅The amount of BOX released in the future will be decided by voting using veMBOX.

👨‍🌾MOMO Farmer Update🧑‍🌾

✅ Added display to show remaining ≥Epic/Rare MOMOs, added display for number of ≥ Epic/Rare MOMOs minted.

✅ Added 40 new MOMO collections (common, uncommon, unique, rare).

🔨Binance Legendary Auction🔨

💥Coming this Thursday the 29th of July our next exciting Legendary Auction will kick off!

If the the 29th wasn't exciting & jam-packed enough already! This makes it even more exciting!
⭐️ As up for auction is the Fabulous “Bino Binancian Bot

❗️ Remember folks there were only 5 of this particular Binance Legendary MOMO NFT ever made!
As with all the Legendaries this legendary will also have a starting hashpower of 180. 🙌

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

🔥Late last week we have done another MBOX Burn!🔥

🔥This time we have burned a total 413948 MBOX Equivalent to ~$592,000 BUSD.

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Total MBOX that has been burnt so far is currently sitting at 4,254,641

❗️ Don’t Miss Out

We have several events/competitions across our socials:

MOBOX x100 Mystery Boxes Giveaway see tweet HERE!

Create a MOMO Meme , 3 x winners (2 keys each) see tweet HERE!

$2000 in Cake giveaway to be shared with 4 users see tweet HERE!

🏆Be in it to win it!🏆

We look forward to another jam-packed NFT buzzing week ahead with plenty more updates to come!

Until next week ✌️

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