MOBOX Community Update #23

4 min readAug 3, 2021


👋Hi There MOBOXers

Welcome to another week with another Fun-Packed Update.

Check out the ins & outs on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Stats on; TVL, Chests, NFTs Traded & MBOX
  • Mystery Boxes on Binance
  • Binance MVB
  • Tokenomics Adjustment
  • Treasure Hunt / Loda Team Alliance
  • MBOX Burn

📊Platform stats:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $162,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 681834
  • Total NFTs traded last 7 days : over $3,190,000
  • Total MBOX Staked : 5,125,149 (representing 15.53% of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 33,000,118
  • Current Market Cap ~$47,200,000

📦Binance NFT Marketplace / Mystery Boxes📦

😮After a Massive week it is safe to say that the MOBOX Mystery boxes were a great hit on the Binance NFT Marketplace!👀

⏰To date MOBOX had the most mystery boxes offered on the Binance NFT Market Place and 23500 boxes where snapped up in 2 seconds!

Thats Right! You heard it 2 seconds!🤯

➡️ So far 85% of the boxes have been opened and the other 15% so far are either listed on the marketplace by the sellers or have not been opened yet.

❗️ With many of you in the community asking “ when I can withdraw the MOMO NFTs from the Binance site?”. We have no ETA on this.

⭐️Since Binance launched the NFT Marketplace withdraws have not been possible for any NFTs as Binance continues to work on this feature. As Binance has been working on this withdraw feature for some time now, we hope that it is not too far away!

So please stay tuned.

Binance MVB II

🔝 Last week Binance announced the long awaited top 10 projects in the MVB.
In case you haven't already heard MOBOX made the TOP 10!! 🙌

Whilst this is an incredible achievement, we definitely feel based on our awesome community and product offerings we are #1 🥇. 😏

⭐️As part of being in the Top 10, the MOBOX platform may receive the following awesome benefits from Binance:

  • Potential direct investment opportunities from
  • Direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone

🙌A Big thanks to our community , lets continue to BUIDL & innovate!👊

⭐️MOBOX Platform Tokenomics Adjustment⭐️

As we mentioned to you in the previous community there will be some adjustments on the MOBOX platform.
In order to develop the platform more steadily, flawlessly and sustainably in the long term, we will make several important adjustments to the tokenomics. Some of those changes are outlined below

Staking in NFT Farmer: NFT Farmer Crates will no longer produce KEYs, and will be changed to MBOX tokens. Below is the snapshot of MBOX distribution for Crates. ( ETA 5th August)

✅Launch of new BEP-1155 Mystery BOX. The value proposition of BOX and KEY are the same. Open a BOX and receive a MOMO with the exact same MOMO quality rates. BOX can be obtained through a “Lucky Draw” system. Each BOX Lucky Draw” duration will be 7 days. “Lucky Draw” will be divided into two systems “Normal BOX Draw” & “Advanced BOX Draw”.

Normal BOX Draw: Each round will have 2000 BOXes, with no minimum veMBOX requirements. Each address can only draw 1 BOX.

Advanced BOX Draw: Each round will have 18000 BOX. Each address will be limited to 1 Draw chance. The more veMBOX the more BOXes that can be drawn.

🎮Loda & Team Alliance Treasure Hunt🎮

📅There is 1 MORE day to go before this Treasure HUNT ends!

👉 Up for grabs is 1 x Legendary LODA MOMO NFT + 500 Keys to be given out to users !

🔍Simply find the secret code on the BINANCE MBOX MYSTERY BOX PAGE!

Enter your secret code HERE!

Draw will happen on the 5th of August !

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

🔥Late last week we have done another MBOX Burn!🔥

🔥This time we have burned a total 282559 MBOX Equivalent to ~$465,000 BUSD.

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Total MBOX that has been burnt so far is currently sitting at 4,600,487

❗️ Don’t Miss Out

We have several events/competitions across our socials:

MOBOX x100 Mystery Boxes Giveaway see tweet HERE!

MOBOX x 100 Mystery Boxes Giveaway 2.0 see tweet HERE !

Create a MOMO Meme , 3 x winners (2 keys each) see tweet HERE!

$2000 in Cake giveaway to be shared with 4 users see tweet HERE!

Until next week ✌️

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