MOBOX Community Update #24

👋Hi There MOBOXers

Wow What An Incredible Jam-Packed Week It Has Been! 🤯
We Are Almost Certain That You Would All Agree On That One 😏

➕ if that wasn't enough excitement for one week
Here We are again Comin At Ya with another update
on all the newest & latest things on:, MOMOs & Updates + More👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Stats on; TVL, Chests, NFTs Traded & MBOX
  • Binance Listing
  • Binance Launchpad
  • MOBOX Farm Adjustment
  • MBOX Burn

📊Platform stats:

  • TVL (Total value locked) This is the amount that has been deposited for staking on MOBOX: $343,000,000
  • Total Chests unlocked: 765970
  • Total NFTs traded last 7 days : over $5,692,000
  • Total MBOX Staked : 9,872,065 (representing 20.11% of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 49,066,453
  • Current Market Cap ~$206,000,000

🔸Binance x MOBOX 🙌🙌

You may already be aware but just in case you have been hiding under a rock 😉 and haven't heard the latest hype…. We got you covered 🔽

💥MOBOX was listed on last week!💥

Did we also mention…
This was a full listing and a NOT INNOVATION ZONE Listing.

Can We Get A Whoop Whoop!🙌🙌

A Big Congratulations to all our HODLERs this would have not been possible without having a great community behind us! 👏👏

As part of the Binance listing MBOX has also launched on the Binance “LaunchPool”!

👨‍🌾The farming of MBOX in the Launchpool started on the 20th August and will go for a period of 30 days!

💸There will be a total of 3,000,0000 MBOX given out in the launchpool and you can stake the following

Stake BNB: 2,100,000 MBOX in rewards (70%)

Stake MBOX: 600,000 MBOX in rewards (20%)

Stake BUSD: 300,000 MBOX in rewards (10%)

✅ Farming Period: 2021–08–20 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2021–09–18 11:59 PM (UTC).

📈 Token Holders & Rankings increased 📈

Since being listed on Binance over the last week our MBOX token holders increase to over a whopping 55,000 addresses ! 👏👏
WOW! now that’s impressive! 🤯

Ranking On 🔝!

MOBOX Continues to be #1 Ranked Game by volume on BSC and we are ranked #2 across all Blockchains!

Yet again a wonderful achievement and as always we could not have done this with an amazing community behind us. 👊💪

MBOX Daily Farm Adjustment 🧑‍🌾

Due to the recent rapid developments of the MOBOX platform, adjustments are always being looked at to improve and develop along the way.
this is to ensure:

✅ Our Community & MOBOXers best interest is kept in mind

✅ and to have a more stable and sustainable development of the MOBOX platform.

The farming of MBOX will be adjusted as follows:

👉 When TVL> 300 million USDT, the number of MBOX tokens farmed every 24 hours will be equivalent to 300,000 MBOX and will no longer increase.

👉 In the future, any adjustments will be made through the MOBOX DAO voting platform once launched.

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

🔥Late last week we have done another MBOX Burn!🔥

🔥This time we have burned a total 618174MBOX Equivalent to ~$2,800,000 BUSD.

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Total MBOX that has been burnt so far is currently sitting at 6,635,605

Until next week ✌️

MOBOX Crew Signing off

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