MOBOX Community Update #27

👋Howdy MOBOXers!

💥We have had a smashing week!

➡️ With so much hip and happening; the MDEX lottery, a LEGENDARY Auction & BETA version of Block Brawler kicking off just to name a few!✨

This Week Has More MOMO-Mazing Adventures ahead…

🔍 Have a browse below 👇

📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Platform Stats
  • Upcoming Platform updates
  • MOMO Block Brawler Beta Coming to an End
  • Appearance on Binance NFT Tuesday
  • Legendary Auction
  • MBOX Burn

📊Platform Stats:

  • Total Chests unlocked: 865467
  • Total NFTs traded last 7 days : over $6,622,000
  • Total MBOX Staked : 13,472,729 (representing 20.54% of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 65,589,028
  • Current Market Cap ~$255,000,000

⬆️Upcoming Platform Updates⬆️

✨Updating & tweaking to keep things running smoothly is key.
Below are the Platform updates that will go live on the 29th of September.

  1. Added MOMO Enhancement:
    Rare MOMOs with initial hash power <80 and Epic MOMOs with initial hash power <150 can be enhanced. The Enhancement requires the consumption of crystal (MEC) and MBOX at the same time.
    Users will be able to upgrade their MOMO’s base hash with MEC/MBOX.
  2. Added MEC BOX Raffle:
    There is a hash power lottery and veMBOX lottery. Full details of the MEC BOX Raffle rules will be published at time of the release. Simply click the yellow “ ? “ for full details.
  3. Launch of the MEC BOX System!
    Note MEC BOX is expected to open for trading on the 13th of October.

🎮MOMO Block Brawler

MOMO BLOCK BRAWLER beta test will come to an end on the 📅 30th of September. 😭

💸The rewards for the beta leaderboard will be sent out by the end of the day on the 30th of September.

❗️ Also any MBOX you have consumed in the Beta test will be returned to you on the 📅 30th September. All rewards will be sent to your BOX wallet.

🙌After the 30th of September Beta test end, there will be a second round of Beta Testing.

📅The second round of the Beta test will end on the 12th of October.

💸The MBOX you spend on the second Beta test will be sent back to your wallets after the beta test concludes on the 12th of October.

❗ ️Things to note:

⭐️Block Brawler Official Launch : 12th of OCTOBER ⭐️

👤Missed our appearance on Binance NFT Tuesdays?

⭐️Last week we had the pleasure of a guest appearance on the popular Binance segment “ NFT Tuesday” 🙌

⏯ If you happened to have missed it, we got you covered 😉

Click below and play it back. 😀


💫Legendary MOMO MDEX SOLD🐘

🐘Last week we auctioned off this cute little guy & the first MDEX Legendary MOMO!🥰

🐘This Legendary MOMO Sold for a whopping 73,000 MBOX which was equivalent to over $350,000 BUSD.

🐘Congratulations to the Winning Bidder! 🙌

*All MBOX from MOMO Legendary Auction’s are burnt!

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

🔥Late last week we have done another MBOX Burn!🔥

🔥This time we have burned a total 410 784 MBOX Equivalent to ~$1,900,000 BUSD.

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Proof of burn🔥:

🔥Total MBOX that has been burnt so far is currently sitting at 8,880,215

Until next week ✌️

MOBOX Crew Signing off

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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