MOBOX Community Update #35

4 min readApr 19, 2022


👋Hi there MOBOXers!

It’s us again your favorite crew, coming at ya, with another jam packed update!

Stay up to date, read along and check out what we have been up to and what’s in the works.

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📰 In This Weeks News:

  • Platform Stats
  • MOland Defense Launched
  • MOMOverse Beta
  • Binance Learn & Trade
  • MBOX Burn
  • ChainZ Arena — MOBOX Edition update

📊Platform Stats:

  • Total Mystery Boxes unlocked: 1,421,484
  • Total MOMO NFTs traded last 7 days : over 3,274,353.63
  • Total MBOX Staked (veMBOX) : 23,824,504(representing 17.86 % of all MBOX in circulation)
  • Current MBOX in circulation 133,337,137
  • Total MBOX Burned 125,776,088

👊MOLAND Defense Season 1 Launched👊

The MOLand Defense Season 1 has officially launched as of the 14th of April!

Season 1 will end on April 28th at 3AM UTC!

⭐️ Each season last 2 weeks. At the start of each season, 5% of the total prize pool will be transferred to the season prize pool, in addition to a total ranking reward of 600,000MEC.

What we have added in Season 1 :

  1. Marketplace added.
  2. Chapter Season Ranking added.
  3. Optimized the season settlement.
  4. Adjusted the rules for losing stars in the arena.
  5. Adjusted the attributes of Rank Stats Bonus and Hero Stars.
  6. Optimized the experience of some systems.
  7. Optimized performance.

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🌎MOMOverse Beta Test🌎

The MOMOverse Beta test is currently in full swing and will end on the 28th of April at 08:00 UTC!

The following will be updated during the BETA test!

  1. UI updated! MOMOverse will provide residents with a more concise and user-friendly interface.
  2. Friend system added. Residents will be able to view other residents’ personal cards and friendships with others.
  3. Announcement board added. Residents can click on the board to view recent announcements.
  4. An introduction of Gaming Marsh added..
  5. The first game in Gaming Marsh — “Stand to the End” is launched in the game area.
  6. Add partner buildings.

Also remember to take part in the multiple leaderboard events we have during the Beta Test !

For more information on the MOMOverse Beta Test read HERE

📊MOve It with MBOX Learn & Trade: Share $100,000 and 1,000 MOMOverse NFTs!📚

📚 Team MOBOX has teamed up with Binance to deliver a Learn & Trade MBOX Competition!🙌

⭐️There is $100,000 worth of MBOX up for grabs including 1000 unique MOMOverse NFT Avatars!

⭐️The Learn & Trade Comp ends on 2022–04–21 11:59 PM (UTC)!

For more information on all rewards including T&C’s see HERE

🔥MBOX Buy Back & Burn🔥

Since launching our Ultimate Collect Burn and Win event in the last 2 weeks we have burned a TOTAL OF 109,240,355.06 MBOX worth over $300,000,000.

🔥 The Total MBOX burned since burn program introduced sits at 125,776,088 which means that the theoretical max supply of MBOX has now gone down to 874,223,912 MBOX!

🔥 With another 2 weeks to go in our Ultimate Collect Burn and Win Event , MORE MBOX Will be Burnt!
Watch this space!

⚔️ ChainZ Arena — MOBOX Edition ⚔️

🆙 Below are the updates that will go live in Season 4 of ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition!

  1. 5 set of new heroes have been added, including Honzu, Bada, Grandma Time, Slowpoke and Nightstalker. All 20 heroes are of legendary quality. For hero details, please check:

2. The leaderboard rewards have been adjusted.

3. Adjusted the effect of the artifact “Lightning Hammer”.

4. The effect of the “Blood Sacrifice” skill of the Earth Elemental Blood Witch has been modified.

5. The daily and season tasks of “The Sealed Land” have been added to the MOBOX pass.

6. The automatic challenges of Royal Arena triggering condition in MOBOX Angel adjusted from “≤80% of self-combat power” to “≤99% of self-combat power”.

The following is expected to be updated in the middle of the S4:

7. Cryptogon. (It is expected to be launched on April 21st)

All heroes in the Cryptogon are 12-star with full level and full of skills. There are 4 modes: normal mode, dash mode, brutal mode and elemental mode. Players can choose any mode they like.

Both the creation and challenge of the Cryptogon need to consume MEC. The winner will receive MEC reward equivalent to 1.5x — 100x of what they spend.

Refreshing heroes in the Cryptogon requires the consumption of vouchers or MBOX. The consumed MBOX will be allocated to the season reward and the game pool according to the proportion of 10% and 90% respectively. In S5, there will be an 8-player Cryptogon tournament.

8. The leaderboard of the Cryptogon.

For every 1MEC won in the Cryptogon, 1 point will be awarded. Top 300 players will receive a total reward of 300,000MEC.

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