MOBOX Community Update #4

👋Hey There MOBOX Crew, we have had a fantastic week with updates coming out today, a new & exciting Christmas Event & progress BTS (Behind The Scenes).
Check out last weeks major outcomes in our quick rewind below.

Quick Rewind ⏪

◾Our limited time event for last week has concluded, congratulations to all the winners, The rewards will be sent out this afternoon.
◾ website live ( light version)
Chainopoly: Cryptocurrency on Chainopoly and BOSS Challenge have been removed.

BTS ( Behind The Scenes )

Team MOBOX have been eagerly working BTS to bring you some new & exciting sneak peeks.

We are still working hard on our MOBOX Wallet and our aim is still to have the MOBOX Chrome Plugin wallet to be ready and available the end of the year. The MOBOX Team will continue to work hard over the Christmas and New Year Holidays to keep up with everything planned.

MOBOX Wallet

Most wallet functions are now complete for both mobile and plugin. As we want to make the process and visual flow as easy as possible, we will be changing the UI once again.
See example below!
Here at MOBOX we want to make sure the UI can cater to people from all walks of life. Old Young, crypto enthusiast or not. So it needs to be simple and easy to the eyes to fit with the simple process.

New UI of MOBOX Wallet (available in light and dark mode) Please note the numbers shown above in the wallet are place holders

The Adjustments made are as follows:

  • Added transfer and receive buttons to the front
  • In the video you can see the swap features and the invest features which will be a hallmark of the wallet as it makes investing into decentralized protocols as easy as possible.
  • You can also see in the video that there are MOBOX Crates (HIGH APY)
  • What are MOBOX crates? They are strategies that we have devised to help users farm the highest yield across BSC, TRON and ETH.
  • We have also added the “Discover” section in the wallet which will have;
    - Trade Action (Learn, practice and compete! Join weekly risk-free trading competitions where you can learn and compete with the MOBOX community.
    - Also in this Section we will have our MoMo Farm …

See our Early Demo of the Wallet below! (This is a very early demo, without the latest UI changes some of the data in the wallet is not updated with the latest info)

ChainZ Arena Update #4

What Does The Future Hold 🔮

Future update (January)

  • Hero Skin exchange
  • Add Equipment exchange
  • Increase Equipment drops from chapter 24 and above
  • Add Hero shard system
  • Add a fun and new Guild Dungeon


Due to be released Today 21st December

🎄 Advanced Summoning cost decrease from 0.006ETH to 0.0012ETH
SOUL mined decrease from 1.8 SOUL to 0.1 SOUL

🎄 Add Hero Skins system. Skins will be available for Light and Shadow heroes. They can be found in the Guild Shop and obtained via the Christmas EVENT.

🎄 Added Limit to number of heroes in SOUL Island to 10

🎄 SOUL Angel cost decrease from 20 SOUL to 10 SOUL

🎄 The use of cryptocurrency on Chainopoly and BOSS Challenge will be Stopped. The function to buy cryptocurrency using hero tokens will also be removed. At the same time, there will be a significant increase to hero token rewards from AFK treasure chests.

🎄Increased Hero Token rewards from AFK

🎁 The SOUL Of Christmas 2020 EVENT 🎁

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Is Coming!

During The SOUL Of Christmas 2020 Event players can collect stockings by completing specific tasks in ChainZ Arena.


🎁 Santa’s Leaderboard 🎅: Collect the most stockings during the event and get on the leaderboard to grab your share of 20ETH , Christmas Skins and 13,000 Mining Cards

🎁 Rudolph’s Spinning Wheel 🦌 : Consumer your Stockings and spin the wheel for amazing prizes: 2 ETH (unlimited), Hero Skins, Mining Cards, Equipment, Gold, Spirit and more!

🎁 🦌Spin Spin and WIN! : Accumulate the most spins and get extra Rewards!

Event Start: 21st December 2020
Event End: 20th January 2021

Social Media Event

Twitter & Facebook 14 Days Of Christmas

14 Days of Christmas Socials Event

Don’t forget our Social media event, still 4 more days to go!

Still loads more prizes to open up! Be in it to WIN it !

Christmas is upon us

What a fabulous year it has been!
We would like to take this opportunity as one of many to thank every single person in our wonderful community who have connected with us, grown with us, have stuck by us and participated in ChainZ.
We have truly made this community some what of a MOBOX family.
So from our family to yours we wish you your family and loved ones
a Safe & Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



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