MOBOX Community Update #8

👋Hi there MOBOX members

It’s us again, bringing you your weekly update!

Progress, updates & current events all in one place.

Missed out on last week's update? no problem we got you covered… scroll down up ahead & have a read of our quick rewind to see what we were up to last week.

Also, be sure to check out what we have been up to BTS and what’s up ahead.

Quick Rewind ⏪

The SOUL Of Christmas 2020 EVENT still ongoing with 20 ETH up for grabs — Event Ending in 2 DAYS!

◾ Reminder MBOX Airdrop on S1 finishes on 23rd January.

◾ Reminder MBOX Airdrop on S2 finishes on 12th February.

BTS ( Behind The Scenes )

Here we are bringing in a New Year with a few fresh change!

Check out our new look MBOX token.

Our MOBOX Platform is coming together nicely and we will be doing internal testing of all the systems this Friday. So far everything is running on schedule and we will have a closed alpha testing in the coming weeks. More information will be made available on how to join the alpha testing in due time.

During the alpha closed testing we will test the following key parameters:

A. Stability of the NFTs and ensuring that all the NFT smart contracts work as they should. Since our NFTs are more complicated than any other NFT that is in the market at the moment, as there are several randomizable stats where you can upgrade to increase your mining power, ability to leave messages on your NFTs to give it a personal touch, and the ability to wrap them across other chains.

The ability to wrap them (the NFT) across other chains simply means that you can transfer your NFT that is on the Ethereum network and send it to your wallet on the Tron network.

B. The closed alpha test will mainly be on the Ethereum blockchain. With this test, we will also keep track of what the gas fees are, and whether or not we should make the change to layer 2 blockchains.

The good thing about layer 2 chains is that the speed of the transaction is much faster, and the gas fees are considerably much much lower. Whilst the negative thing about it is there is a small learning curve as some of our users would need to be educated on how to add layer 2 blockchains. This is also why having our own platform and wallet will be much better since we can support this natively, out of the box.


Last week in our Community Update we mentioned a bit about TradeAction.

Today we are giving you a bigger peek into this sneak peek that is TradeAction and what it will look like.

We have gamified buying and selling bitcoin to make it that bit more exciting than ever before all made possible with #GameFi on the Mobox Platform.

There will be 3 different TradeAction gameplays

A. SimpleTrade — In SimpleTrade mode each week we will have a set of tokens that users can trade using a simulation tool.

Here we will have a leaderboard, the leaderboard rank will be based on how much each user earns throughout the competition.

With this user-friendly process, one of our aims is to help users who are reluctant to get into crypto trading to try, give this a go and have fun!

Also, let's not forget the added opportunity of it being an innovative way to learn and earn.

Trading doesn’t need to be boring with SimpleTrade on MOBOX.

B. LeverageMania — LaverageMania is a short burst of exciting gameplay where you are given tokens, and you either sell short or buy long with 1000x leverage.

This is exhilarating gameplay where one moment you can watch your earnings jump high to potentially millions.

LeverageMania makes a rather boring or non-exciting market environment incredibly captivating & will continue to keep you in suspense awaiting that next jump in earnings!

Here, the leaderboard is based on how much each user earns and also will include crypto prizes.

C. Bull vs Bear — This will offer users some fast-paced action, and the chance to win in a very short span of time. Definitely a very exciting experience.

Bull vs Bear will offer very short bursts of guessing and wondering whether bitcoin will go up or down in the next 60 seconds, a definite fast pace swift, and speedy way to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here there will be a point system and also included will be a captivating bull vs bear animation along the way.

The leaderboard here will be based on points accumulated.

Bull vs Bear — TradeAction

These TradeAction Gameplays are set up to give you variety and action in many ways.

ChainZ Arena Update #8

What Does The Future Hold 🔮

No update scheduled for ChainZ this week, next ChainZ Arena Update coming — February 2021

🎁 The SOUL Of Christmas 2020 EVENT 🎁

Do not forget our Soul of Christmas Event which has been up and running already for a few weeks. During The SOUL Of Christmas 2020 Event players can collect stockings by completing specific tasks in ChainZ Arena.

Also don’t forget to claim your FREE SPIN, every 24 hours to win in-game items and even 2 ETH, SPIN and WIN.

Event Ending: 20th January 2021

Just over one week to go

Get on board Play @

That's all for now folks

Until next week memberinos

Catch ya then!





MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —

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