MOBOX — GEM System

3 min readApr 30, 2021

Introducing the Gem system which is a brand new NFT system to customize your MOMOs!
👀 whaaaat?!?! that’s right customize your MOMOs

The Gem system will be using the ERC1155 standard and can be obtained by using MBOX.
Only a set amount of Gems will be released daily. Gems will be released according to a MBOX lottery system. MOBOXers can participate in the lottery by using their MBOX tokens. Any MOBOXer who does not receive Gems will have their MBOX tokens returned.

So..Without further ado, introducing to you the GEM system with the full details below!

Launching 8th of May

💎Gem Standard

Gems will be using BRC1155 standard and will be categorized using the colors (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red).

💎Gem Level

Gems can be upgraded from level 1 to 9. The first version will have a level cap of 5.

💎MOMO Gem Mosaic

Only Purple and above quality MOMO can inlay Gems. There will only be 4 Gem slots. Each slot will be categorized by the color of the Gem. Inlaid Gems can also be removed from MOMOs.

💎Synthesizing Gems

Gems can be synthesized using 3 of the same level gem to form a higher level gem.

💎What are Gems used for?

Gems can be used within centralized games, with the first one being Token Master (May, 20th)

💎Gems Exchange

Gems can be exchanged individually or exchanged with your BRC721 MOMO.

💎How to obtain Gems?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there will be 3 phases for obtaining Gems and will last for 4 weeks.
Depending on the market, this may be extended

▪️Normal Lottery: Each phase will contain 500 gems and there will be no limit to the number of participating addresses. To participate users will have to stake a certain amount of MBOX (more info below). Each address can only obtain 1 Gem.

▪️ Super Lottery: Each phase will contain 2000 Gems. There will be a minimum Hash Power to participate (more info below). Each individual address can only obtain a maximum of 10 Gems. If more than 2000 Gems are accounted for, then the Super Lottery system will be used with a max of 10,000 available tickets.

▪️ A ticket number will be given out for each lottery ticket. At the end of the lottery random ticket numbers will be chosen to win Gems. If the number of lottery tickets is less than the number of available Gems, then each participating lottery ticket will receive Gems.

▪️ Each Lottery Ticket = 5BUSD equivalent in MBOX tokens. The amount of MBOX required for a certain Lottery Phase will be set as soon as the first ticket is purchased. For each Lottery Ticket purchased, the corresponding amount of MBOX will be frozen. At the end of the Lottery Phase, any remaining MBOX tokens can be reclaimed.

▪️ Lottery Phases will start with Red, Green, Blue, and end with Gold Gems (All Level 1 Gems).

▪️ Users who take part in the lottery cannot unstake their MOMOs

▪️ Lottery Tickets for Gems will require a certain Hash Power. Please view chart below:

⭐️All MBOX tokens for winning tickets will be burned.

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