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An Introduction to MOBOX Platform
Save, Play, Earn


Comprised of individuals from all walks of life, Team MOBOX believes that the sharing of ideas through a bottom-up approach determines success. With 30+ members and counting, the team has extensive experience in developing and operating world renowned social gaming platforms. Having a deep understanding of localization and culturalization team MOBOX has accumulated over 1 million users from every corner of the globe and generated a combined revenue of over 1 billion USD.



The blockchain industry has seen a meteoric rise since it’s inception with a plethora of applications and platforms attempting to capture your attention. Searching through the app store there are hundreds of portfolio apps, hundreds of exchanges, hundreds of information aggregators and tons of gaming platforms creating a muddled landscape for new adopters.

The importance of a decentralized ecosystem has been evident since the outset of blockchain and cryptocurrency, yet the industry has failed to provide a low barrier entry for users halting the expansion of the whole industry.

MOBOX platform is a new and engaging one stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs governed by the community. By combining an easy on-board process, exciting games for users to enjoy, intuitive portfolio analysis and the most up-to-date opinions from the wider community MOBOX will be the first ever platform built with you in mind; whether you are just getting started with your first bitcoin or a veteran blockchain enthusiast. Learn, Save, Analyze, Play, Earn!

MOBOX Overview
MOBOX is a next-generation platform combining saving, earning and fun into one. With 4 distinct components; MWallet, MOBOX BITS, GameFI and MOBOX Manager the platform will offer every user a holistic experience never seen before.

MWallet Barrier to entry is the biggest issue the blockchain industry faces. MWallet uses a simple on-boarding process to decrease the barrier for new users to join the future of decentralization. Supporting decentralized and centralized wallets in one, users can view all their precious assets in one sleek interface.

GameFi Designed to disrupt the free to play game industry with a unique token structure, GameFi will allow users to mine NFTs to be used in the MOBOX metaverse. GameFi will fuse NFTs with Yield Farming to provide users with the first ever Free to Play to Earn ecosystem.

MOBOX BITS Seeking knowledgeable predictions in the crypto community is a needle in a haystack. Constructed with the goal of providing a platform for users to gain credible market insights from community professionals, MOBOX BITS allows users and predictors to foster together.

MOBOX Manager With a myriad of exchanges and tokens keeping track of all your investments can get chaotic. With an intuitive design and robust analysis of all your assets across all exchanges, Manager provides users with the most advanced and easy to use portfolio management application ensuring you get the most important analytics at the tip of your fingers.

Easy Access
More Users

Why are the barriers to blockchain so high? We don’t think so.

Due to the perceived risks and high barriers with blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, adoption has been stagnant. A simple yet interactive gateway is needed to accelerate recognition and education of blockchain and cryptocurrency trading.

Even with cryptocurrency in the headlines everyday people find it either too hard to understand or too risky to use. A study by personal finance website found that less than 5% of Americans own Bitcoin(BTC), less than 2% own Ethereum(ETH) and less than 1% own Ripple(XRP).
From those who took part in the survey, more than 40% who hadn’t purchased cryptocurrencies

believed there is no need to. Another 35% believed that the risks were too high, 27% said it’s too difficult to understand and another 18% said they believed it’s a scam.

For the industry to take the next great leap, users must have an easy-to-access gateway to the future of money. The MWallet is designed with the mainstream user in mind. By utilizing a simple sign-on process new users no longer need to understand what private keys or enter mnemonic phrases but at the same time keeping their wallets private and secured.

Other than your mainstream tokens, MWallet also stores and manages non-fungible tokens (NFT)providing users with a comprehensive wallet for all your crypto assets.
The simpler the process the greater the adoption. Mainstream, here we come.


Gaming and Finance


Every day we interact with different forms of entertainment controlled by a handful of large companies. More often than not their interests and incentives conflict with our own.

Gaming used to be a form of low-cost entertainment that friends and family could enjoy together. Now we’re forced to spend massive amounts of money to enjoy the slightest bit of game content.

With large companies filling their pockets through extensive analysis of individual gaming behaviour, finding every opportunity to extract money from your hard earned income.

Blockchain technology has shown that control can be given back to the players yet developers and platforms continue to force players to pay in exchange for this control, going against the decentralized ecosystem underlying the essence of blockchain.

At the same time, continued advancement in blockchain has shown that decentralized ecosystems can be built to maximize the benefits for each participating individual over central dominance.

Games using blockchain in its current form is not ready to break the corporate grip in the overall gaming industry just yet. Despite the progress made we have yet to see a robust solution utilizing everything that blockchain has to offer to create a player-value-centered approach that will bring blockchain games to mainstream users.

GameFi Overview

GAMEFI is a next-generation blockchain platform that makes free-to-play games truly free-to-play and the dream of play-to-earn a reality. Using smart contracts GameFi combines decentralized games with DeFi, creating a player-value-centered ecosystem unlocking the true potential of blockchain games.

By utilizing and expanding the best features from blockchain technology and decentralized ecosystems, GameFi paves the way for a new decentralized ecosystem, offering players access to a platform to play and earn through a variety of applications.

Blockchain has already demonstrated great promise in games and finance, yet they fall short in creating a homogeneous environment where the platform and player’s goals and values are unified.

GameFi’s design offers an innovative system where Free-to-(Play)-to-Earn (F2P2E) becomes reality through staking, yield farming, tradable NFTs, transparent governance and downright fun come together as one.

NFT Yield Farming Assets

Yield Farm

Mint NFTs

Do users only earn from NFTs by trading on secondary markets? We don’t think so.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are an asset class that contains unique meta-data describing what makes this asset different from the rest. Usually made with a limited supply, NFTs have found an abundance of use cases in the game industry, art industry, and even the real-estate industry.

They were first made popular with the crypto collectible CryptoKitties with a single NFT cat selling for n$170,000 (600 ETH). Yet without use cases it no longer generated value for it’s owner.

By binding Liquidity Provider Tokens with NFTs, Gamefi has developed a cutting-edge infrastructure for NFTs and Yield Farming to exist together. This innovative design allows users to not only reap the benefits of yield farming but also mint, collect and trade unique NFTs.

It’s not about what you earn when working. It’s about what you earn when you’re not working.

GameFi: F2P2E

Games DeFi-ed

DeFi Gamified

Can games be truly Free to Play, Play to Earn? We’ve come to make this a reality.

The gaming market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has exploded after the inception of mobile devices into our daily lives. Yet players who bring true value to any game ecosystem consume their hard-earned money and valuable time without earning value in return. Money only flows one way, to large corporations.

GameFi is ready to disrupt the game industry. Reimagining the concept of free to play and play to earn, we believe that it should be one singular process: Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E). Through innovative blockchain technology, smart contracts and a unique token-flow structure users can now enjoy their favorite game genres and earn while playing all in one process.

GameFi: F2P2E

Have Fun — Get Rewarded


Community Thoughts

Bull or Bear?

Resistance area? Bear trap? Bull trap? Death cross? Piercing Line? Buy or sell? MOBOX community is here to help.

The crypto industry is filled with a myriad of telegram and forum groups where users are falsely promised the best strategy for their crypto investments. These groups have users who publish their predictions with minimal knowledge and no repercussions for making non-informed statements creating uncertainty and agitation for those who continue to follow.

MOBOX BITS provides a sleek feed with both professional and community driven BITS of market insights for users to make the most informed choices. BITS provides a unique tool for MOBOX professionals and community members to illustrate through text and charts their market foresight. To increase credibility, each BITS author is given a BITS score to measure how accurate their predictions are. The more accurate the predictions the more MBOX tokens mined ensuring that those who foster the community are rewarded.

BITS authors and users generate benefits for one another through the publishing and reception of information. This creates an ecosystem where community engagement nourishes value as whole, building the most unique and credible sharing of valuable trading predictions.

MOBOX Manager

Clear and Concise

Meaningful Insights

Why is it so difficult to find a portfolio manager that provides smart and useful analytics? Well, we just made it easy.

Users commonly use multiple exchanges and multiple decentralized and centralized wallets to store their crypto assets. Tracking and moving one’s crypto investments is a burdensome task. MOBOX Manager provides users with an intuitive tool for simple and precise insights to all your crypto investments.

Track real-time crypto prices for thousands of tokens over all major exchanges and NFT assets

(ERC721, ERC1155).

View portfolio in 100+ fiat currencies.

Analyze the most insightful information of all your crypto assets with MOBOX Manager’s Smart Analysis.


One Platform

4 All

Content stores generate revenue through user spending. The revenue spent is earned by developers and the platform itself. In essence creating a fragmented business model where money ends up with the few. Universal distribution of money is not possible with such a deficient model. A fusion is created only when all value inputs are rewarded. Whether they are users, game developers, artists, or the platform itself all individual contributions that foster the ecosystem should benefit from the success generated.

MOBOX provides a portal for all to foster as one, where each individual has a role in the platform. Through MOBOX Fusion contributors will be able to submit their creations. Platform users will have the right to vote on which creations are suitable for the platform and creators will be rewarded accordingly.

Time + Environment + People = Success

The MBOX Token

The MBOX Token serves three distinct purposes: Governance

over the platform, Staking, Gamified Rewards.

Governance MOBOX Token holders have complete control over the platform. Platform stakeholders

(MBOX holders) will have the right to manage the success of the platform such as games, functions,events, development and more.

Staking Game theory motivates token holders to react in honest ways to achieve optimal payoff. Ensuring that good actors are rewarded. This establishes a mechanism to ensure users, developers, artists, and platform act as an entity for success.

Gamified Rewards Through the use of gamification techniques, stakeholders will be rewarded through the usage of the MOBOX platform establishing a system for community expansion.

Token Name: MBOX (MOBOX)
Protocol: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation:

SOUL Holders allocation:

Start Date: October 16th, 2020

End Date: January 23rd, 2021

Allocation: 3,000,000

Details: 30,000 MBOX Tokens will be distributed to frozen SOUL token holders daily from October

16th, 2020 to January 23rd, 2021. Share of daily MBOX Tokens will be according to (Player Frozen

SOUL Tokens + SOUL Island SOUL/ Total Frozen SOUL Tokens + SOUL Island SOUL) x 30,000.

Team and Strategic partner token allocation (27.7%) will NOT be pre-mined and will only be unlocked proportionally when mining begins.


Q4 2020

  • MOBOX Platform Development
  • Development of decentralized and centralized wallet under one user account
  • Distribution of MBOX Governance Tokens to SOUL Holders
  • Onboard Partnerships and influencers

Q1 2021

  • MOBOX Platform Alpha Launch
  • LP Staking for NFTs begin (NFT-LP)
  • MBOX Token Voting Platform Launch
  • First Team MOBOX developed NFT-LP supported Game Alpha Launch

Q2 2021

  • Platform Beta Launch
  • Fusion Portal Alpha Launch
  • MOBOX developed NFT-LP supported game official launch
  • Intellectual Property (IP) onboarding
  • MBOX Token launch on major exchanges

Q3 2021

  • Platform Official Launch for mainstream users
  • Developer and Artist integration into ecosystem
  • IP integration
  • NFT interoperability between MOBOX Platform Games

Q4 2021

  • Team MOBOX AAA NFT-LP supported Game Alpha Launch

Q1 2022

  • Team MOBOX AAA NFT-LP Game official Launch
  • Future development according to MBOX Token Voted proposals

**Roadmap may change without notice.




Explore the Co-created & Co-governed Open World with MOBOX!