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Why are the barriers to blockchain so high? We don’t think so.


Gaming and Finance


Every day we interact with different forms of entertainment controlled by a handful of large companies. More often than not their interests and incentives conflict with our own.

GameFi Overview

GAMEFI is a next-generation blockchain platform that makes free-to-play games truly free-to-play and the dream of play-to-earn a reality. Using smart contracts GameFi combines decentralized games with DeFi, creating a player-value-centered ecosystem unlocking the true potential of blockchain games.

NFT Yield Farming Assets

Yield Farm

Mint NFTs

Do users only earn from NFTs by trading on secondary markets? We don’t think so.

Games DeFi-ed

DeFi Gamified

Can games be truly Free to Play, Play to Earn? We’ve come to make this a reality.

GameFi: F2P2E

Have Fun — Get Rewarded


Community Thoughts

Bull or Bear?

Resistance area? Bear trap? Bull trap? Death cross? Piercing Line? Buy or sell? MOBOX community is here to help.

Clear and Concise

Meaningful Insights

Why is it so difficult to find a portfolio manager that provides smart and useful analytics? Well, we just made it easy.

One Platform

4 All

Content stores generate revenue through user spending. The revenue spent is earned by developers and the platform itself. In essence creating a fragmented business model where money ends up with the few. Universal distribution of money is not possible with such a deficient model. A fusion is created only when all value inputs are rewarded. Whether they are users, game developers, artists, or the platform itself all individual contributions that foster the ecosystem should benefit from the success generated.


Q4 2020

  • Development of decentralized and centralized wallet under one user account
  • Distribution of MBOX Governance Tokens to SOUL Holders
  • Onboard Partnerships and influencers
  • LP Staking for NFTs begin (NFT-LP)
  • MBOX Token Voting Platform Launch
  • First Team MOBOX developed NFT-LP supported Game Alpha Launch
  • Fusion Portal Alpha Launch
  • MOBOX developed NFT-LP supported game official launch
  • Intellectual Property (IP) onboarding
  • MBOX Token launch on major exchanges
  • Developer and Artist integration into ecosystem
  • IP integration
  • NFT interoperability between MOBOX Platform Games
  • Future development according to MBOX Token Voted proposals



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MOBOX is a platform where Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi — where free to play & play to earn is a reality —