MOBOX — MOMOverse Launching on Binance Ecosystem

5 min readNov 29, 2021

Are You Ready To Be MOMOversed?👀

A BIG new announcement has been made and we are thrilled and excited to be part of the reveal — The MOBOX MOMOverse Phase One is launching on the Binance ecosystem !
With this launch we are also giving away 5000 Mystery Boxes valued at over $1,000,000 BUSD — read on to find more details on this awesome event !

MOMOverse is the first metaverse to integrate with the Binance ecosystem, which is only accessible via the Binance app.

With the registration phase of the MOMOverse open (30th November), users can register to experience free to play and play to earn on the go, with a suite of games expected to be launched soon on the MOMOverse!

🌎 MOMOverse 🌎

Behind the land of MOMOmania floats an undiscovered universe that longs to be discovered and inhabited by Unique Avatars of their kind,
called MOMO-mians. Creating & sharing ideas and concepts will be key to the success in this alternative realm.

It is a place where Unique MOMO-mians jump in, take control, complete daily quests all whilst making “Play-To-Earn” a reality!

Are you ready to go on a journey in this action packed space to build, create and meet Unique friends too?

We welcome you to the MOMOverse! Where all this and more is a reality.

⭐️ The MOMOverse on Binance ⭐️

Let’s take a dive into The MOMOverse on Binance & see what and where it’s all at.

Your MOBOX Avatar on the MOMOverse will act as your very personal node of the MOBOXchain your companions in MOMOverse will be your MOMO’s.

The MOBOXChain is a unique NFT POS blockchain network that is controlled and governed by your in game assets. The NFTs that you collect will act as your node on the MOBOX blockchain network, which will provide users with near instant transactions. The MOBOX Chain will launch at a later date, however the MOBOX platform during that time will continue to run on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Each MOMO that is minted on the blockchain has a unique hashpower at the time of the minting and according to the hashpower the MOMO’s will mine the MBOX Governance token. When you upgrade your MOMO’s ( Rare & above) you will upgrade their hashpower, with the hashpower upgrade
you in turn increase your overall hashpower for the node !

📲How do you access the MOMOverse on the Binance APP ?📲

If you want to access the MOMOverse on the Binance App you need to make sure you have the latest Binance App installed on your device.

📲 Download the latest version of the Binance App (V2.37.4 or above)

Then follow these steps:

📲 Once you open the Binance App simply drag down from the homepage to access the “ Marketplace

📲 you will see the “ MOBOX” logo.

📲 Simply tap on MOBOX, enter the MOMOverse and off you go!

How to enter the MOMOverse on the Binance App

How to Enter MOMOverse:

⭐ ️When users create an account on the MOMOverse via the Binance App they will receive a unique MOBOX Avatar.
⭐️ This avatar will represent the individual on the MOMOverse.
⭐️ Users who register and receive a MOBOX Avatar will also be able to mine MBOX tokens with this avatar.

🌎 MOBOX in The MOMOverse 🌎

In the MOMOverse on the Binance ecosystem users will also be able to:
💫 Stake single token MBOX.

💫 See a countdown that will show when MOMOworld will launch! Users will also be able to stake their MBOX tokens too, for mystery boxes !

💫 In return for staking MBOX users will be rewarded with Mystery Boxes, which can be opened to reveal MOMO NFTs…. Exciting right?!

💫 The MOMO’s revealed from the Mystery boxes will be mining the MBOX token! The MOMO’s will increase the node hashpower so that you can mine more MBOX tokens!— How Awesome is that!

Further Phases in the MOMOverse will be unlocked when new games are launched, including the NFT marketplace. So stay tuned!

💸 5000 Mystery Box Giveaway 💸

This epic giveaway is launching on the 30th on November and prizes will be sent out on the 6th of December 2021.

During the launch of the MOMOverse on Binance we will have a
WHOPPING 5000 Mystery BOX Giveaway worth $1,000,000 BUSD!

With the pre-registration event launching on the 30th November simply refer your friends to the MOMOverse on Binance and go into the draw for a Mystery Box!

The way it will work is:

⭐️ the more referrals signed up
⭐️ the more tickets you gain for the Mystery Box Giveaway

Its as simple as that, so get signing!

For more details visit :

What to Expect on launch date & beyond!

On December the 6th 2021 we will launch our MOMOworld Alpha on the Binance ecosystem.

⭐️During this alpha any rewards that you may have won during the pre registration event will be sent out to you.
⭐️While we are in the alpha launch users will be able to test out the MOMOworld and there will also be MBOX rewards given out during this alpha test.
⭐️During the Alpha test we will also be testing the Binance Pay and Binance Mini Program systems.

After the open Alpha has finished we will release the official version and this will also include the NFT Marketplace + more !

With an awesome 3 Games already under the belt on the MOBOX Platform. Following this a total of 6 games joining the MOMOverse by the end of Q1 2022.

Stay tuned for some MOMO-Mazing things ahead.




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