MOBOX MOMOverse : The first of many beginnings

Innovating, building, growing, and dreaming has always been the underlying essence of MBOX hodlers. In less than a week (April 6th) the MOBOX community will have innovated and grown together for one full year.

The community was always destined to stay ahead of the pack, continuing to create new concepts and show the blockchain world what it means to stick together. Through the year the MOBOX community has become synonymous with what a blockchain gaming platform should be. As one, we’ve reached many milestones along the way and continue to overcome what many thought were unachievable.

Here are a few of the achievements we’ve accomplished together:

300,000,000+ $BUSD in NFTs traded (#1 on BNB Chain)
1,000,000+ NFT Transactions (#1 on BNB Chain)
1,300,000+ NFTs minted by users

All of these milestones were made possible by having a vision that we all believe in. Yet there is still so much more to achieve. We believe that blockchain is the future of gaming. While others continue to build their model around extracting value from users, we continue to pioneer the model of how to give value to users who make this ecosystem complete. With the transition to web 3.0, MOBOX will now take off on the first step to further realize this dream through the MOMOverse.

Enough about the past! Let’s see what this early version of the MOMOverse has in store for you!

Now lets bridge the past with the future through an UNBOX THE


Beginning on April 6th 2:00 AM UTC

The Anniversary event will start on April 6th 2:00 AM UTC. Players can earn MOMO points for completing daily tasks. MOMO points can be used to redeem MBOX and MEC rewards. When enough MOMO points are earned, players can obtain a MOBOX anniversary treasure chest.

The treasure chest will include one of the following:

✅Various Level 1 Gems
✅Rare Mystery BOX
✅Legendary Mystery BOX

On April 12th the Gem Lottery will be temporarily discontinued. Gems will be released through various events.

MOMO Hashpower update will take place immediately. For details please refer to

🌎MOMOverse Alpha Test🌎

The long awaited MOMOverse Alpha Test will begin on April 6th 8:00AM UTC and end on April 13th. All users can access the MOMOverse through the main page on and through the mobile app.

During the Alpha Test users can collect gold, feather, leather, spar, and pearl. These resources can be synthesized into higher quality materials. Different grades and quality materials will have different MBOX values.

MBOX will be airdropped to users at the end of the event according to the value of the synthesized materials. The materials will be burned at the end of the Alpha Test.

⭐️Synthesize and WIN!⭐️

During the event, additional points will be rewarded for synthesizing different materials. Players will be ranked on the leaderboard according to total points accumulated.

The revolutionary MOmarketplace will be opened during the Alpha Test. Using the MOmarketplace will require real MBOX tokens which will NOT be returned after the Alpha Test.

Rewards will be distributed according to your ranking at the end of the event.

⭐️Collect and Conquer⭐️

During the Alpha Test, dozens of materials will randomly appear across the MOMOverse for players to discover and collect. Collect as many materials as possible and get placed on the leaderboard for additional rewards. There will be a daily leaderboard and a total leaderboard with corresponding rewards. Rank in the top 100 to win rewards.

Only players who OWN a MOBOX Avatar will be able to take part in this event.

Each material collected will be worth different points.

The players can collect points 200 times a day.

Alpha Test Info

Players must use a decentralized wallet to connect to the MOMOverse.

Players who own a MOBOX avatar will have bonus features.

MBOX used for transactions during the Alpha Test will not be returned.

After the Alpha Test, the collected resources and materials that have not been exchanged for MBOX will be burned.

💫The Future of the MOMOverse💫


MOlantis will be the first continent to be explored and developed in the MOMOverse. MOlantis currently contains many different attractions including Mining Mountains, Gaming Marshlands, and Partner buildings which will continue to expand.

Several MOAdmins will be placed throughout the MOTown Square to offer tips and tricks on navigating MOlantis.

Collect, combine, build, trade, play and earn? Be the MOBOXer you’ve always wanted to be and explore the ever-expanding MOMOverse on your own terms!

⭐️MOBOX Avatar 3D⭐️

MOBOX Avatars or MOMO-mians represent who you are in the MOMOverse giving you the freedom of choice to be who you want to be. Down the road you’ll be able to customize this virtual you anyway you want to.

Be the unique you in the MOMOverse! You’ll be able to interact with others, make friends, play mini-games, become your own profession and much more.

It’s about how we come together as a whole a create a unique world of infinite possibilities.

📖Resource Collection📖

In the MOMOverse, there will be dozens if not hundreds of materials and resources waiting to be discovered. Players can explore the ever-expanding world and discover and collect resources along the way. Whether its fishing in the lake, logging in the forest, or finding mysterious treasures in the ruins, there is always something new waiting for those who are curious enough to explore.

Below are the current systems available for materials:

Materials will appear randomly all over the MOMOverse. Simply click to collect!

Every material has unique attributes. There is a limit to the number of materials that can be collected.

There is a “success rate” for collecting items. Players who own Avatars will have a higher success rate.

Collected materials are “social materials” used for crafting MOvechiles and changing the appearance of your MOBOXer Home.

High quality items can be traded on the market.

Now stay tuned in the coming days for more exciting announcements and features!

For a quick recap of all things MOMOverse head over to :



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