MOBOX — MOMOverse Update Announcement 2nd June

3 min readJun 2, 2022


Dear MOBOXers,

MOMOverse v1.1.9 will be launched on June 2, 2022, 10:00 UTC

This update includes:

1. MO boxes and MOMO fragments can now be traded in the MOMOverse

2. MO boxes open and withdrawals are available in the MOMOverse

3. MOMOverse optimizations

4. MOBOX platform optimizations

【MOMOverse Update】

MO boxes and MOMO fragments trading on MOMOverse

Once the new version releases, users will be able to trade MO boxes and MOMO fragments in the MOMOverse marketplace.

Users can trade MO boxes and MOMO fragments by simply clicking “market” — “props” in the marketplace. The transaction process is the same as material trade.

MO boxes open and withdrawals

The MO boxes and MOMO fragments obtained by users participating in the MOBALL gameplay will be able to be redeem or opened in the backpack.

By opening the MO box users will receive a MOMO with the same quality as the MO box. Collecting the corresponding number of MO box fragments can be redeemed for a MO box of the same quality as the fragments.

Please note:

If you are looking for a tutorial for transferring MOMOs from MOMO farmer to MOMOverse, please check the following link:

MOMO fragments redemption

MOMO Home — Sneak Peak

Further Updates

【Backpack】 Items display optimization.

【MOBall】 Gameplay optimization.

【Marketplace】Notice on marketplace optimization.

【MOMOverse Survivor】Bugs fixed.

【Collection】Collection experience optimization.

【Emoji】Quick emoji send out

【Setting】Added function to hidden other avatars

【MOBOX Platform Update】

l Added game windowing and game multi-opening functions. Check tutorial video here.

Optimize the login and logout user experience.

Optimize platform error notice system.

【Sneak Peek of MOBOX platform】

MOBOX platform will release a new version of the platform.
There will be four new sections; Games, Launchpad, Community and Learn. Each section will bring along extra surprises!

Now stay tuned in the coming days for more exciting announcements and features!


June 2, 2022




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