MOBOX Newsletter #4: March & April Recap

5 min readMay 6, 2024


Dear MOBOXers,

Welcome back to our Community Newsletter, your gateway to staying up-to-date with MOBOX’s latest developments and achievements. The past two months have been eventful, and we’re excited to share the highlights with you!

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Dragonverse Neo Updates

Dragonverse Neo, MOBOX’s flagship game in the Bitcoin ecosystem, is a 3D Open World that reveals the joys of Explore2Earn, Create2Earn, and Win2Earn. Since the last Alpha Test concluded, we have been actively developing, carrying out iterations and improvements across all aspects of the game.

1. Litepaper Revealed 📜

Dragonverse Neo Litepaper is out! We’ve introduced the Gameplay, Tokenomics, and our Vision for enriching the Bitcoin ecosystem through MOBOX’s expansion. From unique gaming experiences to Gaming L3, we’re crafting a comprehensive journey.


  • Dragonverse Neo is an evolving 3D Open World. Players traverse different REALMs to collect assets, and construct their own Dratopia via a UGC crafting platform.
  • MOSE Chain is a gaming L3 built empowering the creation of high-quality games on Bitcoin.
  • $MDBL serves as the native token of Dragonverse Neo and MOSE. It can be converted to eMDBL to get access to benefits including Liquidity Yield, Game Incentives, MOSE Nodes and more.
  • Dragon Ball & MODragon serve as the key to boosting ecosystem rewards in multiple ways.

2. $MDBL Fair Launch Concludes 🚀

In late March, MOBOX launched $MDBL via LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools) IDO Strategy, benefiting our community with better-priced $MDBL distribution and fostering a diverse holder base. Read More

✨ LBP Highlights

  • Funds Raised: 106.50 M-BTC (excluding the initial liquidity of 3 M-BTC)
  • LBP Distribution: 39.14% (no vesting)
  • Demographics: 45% MOBOXers, 55% Bitcoin Native Newcomers

🪙 Claim & Trade $MDBL

3. $MDBL Liquidity Yield Program is Live🪐

$MDBL Liquidity Yield Program is live, offering the community consistent rewards for long-term contribution.

🔗 Link

📒 Tutorial

🎁 Rewards

  • eMDBL (Live)
  • Access to Game Incentives (Upcoming)
  • Access to DragonPal Capturing (Upcoming)
  • MODragon Eggs (Upcoming)
  • External Asset Rewards (Upcoming)

❓ Possible FAQs

We’ve addressed general questions in this tweet to clarify rules.

4. Development Progress 🎮

The upcoming version of Dragonverse Neo aims to offer our community an elevated gaming experience, along with various ways to win game incentives. Please keep an eye on our official channels for more thrilling updates!

Completed 🛠️

  • ✅ REALM A: Infinity Rumble, a thrilling 3D PvP combat arena where players battle to ascend the ranks
  • ✅ REALM B: Dream Pet, a life simulation game where players tackle tasks with their pets to climb the ranks
  • ✅ DragonPal System
  • ✅ In-Game Rewards System
  • ✅ Ranking System
  • ✅ PVP System
  • ✅ Stamina Fatigue System
  • ✅ Map Expansion
  • ✅ Mini-Map Feature Optimization
  • ✅ Map Teleportation Feature
  • ✅ In-Game Shortcut & Settings Customization

In the Pipeline 💭

  • ◻️ In-Game Shop System
  • ◻️ Gacha Feature
  • ◻️ REALMs UGC Workshop
  • ◻️ UI Enhancement

Giving Back to Community

1.Airdrops to MODragon Hodlers 🐲

Throughout March, we’ve launched a series of events for MODragon Hodlers to show recognition of your contributions and achievements within the Dragonverse world.

2. Reward Ceremony for 3rd Anniversary 🎂

MOBOX turned 3 Years Old! As celebrating the milestones in gaming experiences, community growth and ecosystem expansion, we have prepared 1,000,000 $MBOX and 3 Legendary MOMOs as appreciations for your companionship and support.

3. Gifts for Sustained Contributors 🎁

Throughout every notable initiative, MOBOX has unwaveringly shown appreciation by rewarding our supportive community. This extends across core asset hodlers, as well as active participants.

More coming soon…👀

Tokenomics Refinements for a Sustainable Future

We’ve implemented the Emission Reduction to strike the delicate balance between innovation and sustainability.

  • Reducing $MBOX Daily Emission
  • Reducing MOMO Emission
  • Reducing Productivity Mining in MOMOVerse

$MBOX Annual Burn & Weekly Burn Program🔥

1. 2024 Annual Burn: 42,358,171 $MBOX🔥

2. Weekly Burn🔥

From March 1st to May 3rd:

Thanks For Tuning In

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May 6, 2024




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