🥊MOBOX Platform Important Updates🥊

5 min readSep 18, 2021

As our platform continues to grow, here at MOBOX we are continually looking for ways to adapt, design & implement suitable changes to meet the needs of our every-growing community. We do this so the platform remains enjoyable & as well keeping up to date with the fast paced and forever changing gaming NFT industry.

The following is a mini-roadmap of what to expect in the coming 2–3 months.

⭐️As part of these updates we will have:

  • Game Season Adjustment
  • MOBOXer Avatar🤯- Meet MOMOji
  • + Much Much MORE

(Not Financial Advice)

✅1. Raffle adjustment: BOX📦 and GEM💎 Raffles ticket prices will be adjusted from 20 BUSD to “BOX/GEM previous week average price / (divide) 5 BUSD”
ETA: BOX Raffle 09/23
GEM Lottery 09/28

✅2. MOMO Max level limit increased from 30 to 40

✅3. Enhancement Crystal 🔮Raffle: Add new BEP-1155 MOBOX Enhancement Crystal (MEC).

✅4. MOMO Enhancement System: MOMO can consume MOBOX Enhancement Crystals (MEC) and a small amount of MBOX tokens to increase the Hashpower of Rare and Epic quality MOMOs. When used, it can increase 1–5 hash power.
Rare and Epic MOMOs can increase their hash power to 80 and 150 respectively. (MOMOs that have already been upgraded will have their starting hash power recalculated). Legendary MOMOs will have enhance disabled for the time being.
⏰ETA: 09/29

✅5. Crystal Treasure BOX Raffle🔮 : veMBOX and Hashpower will be used to obtain raffle tickets.
⏰ETA: 09/29

✅6. Unlock Crystal Treasure BOX
⏰ETA: 10/06

✅7. Marketplace adjustment: Add Crystal Treasure BOX and Enhancement Crystal to the marketplace. All marketplace currencies will be changed to use BUSD for trading.

✅8. Rent and Lend adjustment: At the time of this announcement, listing a MOMO for rent will be temporarily disabled. Users can continue to rent current MOMOS with an end date of 09/24 16:00 UTC.

✅9. Rent and Lend rules adjustment: Rent and Lend fee will be increased from 5% to 20%. When extending rent time, price cannot be lower than previous price.

✅10. Rent and Lend adjustment: The lendor can set daily unit price and max number of days. The rentor can choose the number of days to rent, and whether or not to extend the remaining days.

✅11. The Rent and Lend function WILL BE SUSPENDED until Token Master S17.

✅12. MOMO Marketplace will have a new “Pre-Bid” function. When a MOMO is listed on the marketplace, it will first go through a pre-bidding round where users can bid for the MOMO. The highest bidder will obtain the MOMO from the marketplace. If the bidding fails, the MOMO can be traded freely on the marketplace.

🎮Game Season Adjustment🎮

✅1. Leaderboard Rewards and daily gameplay will have Enhancement Crystals 🔮(MEC) added as rewards.
✅2. Token Master and Block Brawler Leaderboard Rewards Adjustment: At the beginning of TokenMaster S17 and Block Brawler S1, Team MOBOX will put 1,000,000 MBOX tokens into a Rewards pool💧.
When the season begins, all player consumed MBOX will be distributed according to the below:
- 60% will be rewarded to the current season leaderboard🏆
- 20% burned🔥
- 20% added to the rewards pool🤑

When a new season beings, 10% of Rewards pool (Max 50,000 MBOX) will be used as the base leaderboard rewards.
✅3. At the end of Token Master S16, the game will be on PAUSE for 1 week in order to update the above adjustments.
✅4. Block Brawer Open Beta will end on 09/30 and rewards sent on the same day. Due to optimization and adjustments needed for Block Brawler we will have one more Open Beta.

⭐️Block Brawler Official Launch : 12th of OCTOBER ⭐️

🥊MOBOX Community Portal

The MOBOX community Portal is expected to launch next week.
The Community portal will include a discussion forum for players and developers, community proposals, NFT creator, game strategies and much more!
So stay tuned and check it out!

🥊MOBOX Governance Portal Preview

The long awaited MOBOX Governance Portal is also expected to launch in the next week.
Proposals from the community will be reviewed and published on the governance portal where MOBOXers can use their veMBOX to vote.
Proposals are divided into two distinct categories:

Platform Improvement Proposal MIP
MOMO Creator ProposalMCP


Who is a part of our Telegram channel?🙌🙌 If you are you may have already seen a sneak peek at a few little MOMOs all boxed up and ready to collect.

We know what you are all thinking 👀

Tell me more!!…

Here’s Some Details:
We have created some limited edition real life Mystery BOXes that will contain Rare MOMOs…!!

and maybe… just maybe… a few Legendary Ones….. coming to you SOOOOOOON…
Stay tuned!

🕵️MOBOXer Avatar🤯- Meet MOMOji

Enter a whole new MOMOverse! with MOMOji

Introducing the MOBoxer Avatar that represents you the MOBOXer in the MOMOverse!
With MOMOji there will be a total of 50,000 MOBoxer Avatars.
We will airdrop a portion to long-term veMBOX hodlers and players in the very near future.
Specific rules on how to obtain them will be released soon.
So stay tuned!!


🥊MOBOX Platform Cross-Chain Deployment

Team MOBOX has always been focused on our vision of no singular metaverse but one large metaverse that is interconnected. This can be done through cross-chain functionality and NFT interoperability.

The team has been working on a cross-chain protocol with other mainstream blockchains that will allow MOBOX assets to be moved across different blockchains, and also allow the use of NFTs from other blockchains to be used on the MOBOX Platform.

Finally creating a true interconnected metaverse… that we call the MOMOverse…✨⭐️☄️💥




Explore the Co-created & Co-governed Open World with MOBOX!