MOBOX Platform update 29/09

Hey Hey MOBOXers!

Here is our MOBOX Platform update for the 29th of September

1️⃣Remove the limit of BOX Supper raffle amount from the 10th raffle period (from tomorrow onwards)

2️⃣Added MOMO enhancement
Rare MOMOs with initial hash power <80 and Epic MOMOs with initial hash power <150 can be enhanced.
Enhancement requires the consumption of crystal🔮 (MEC) and MBOX at the same time.
*You can see this already by going into MY MOMO and then checking the upgrade!

3️⃣Added MEC BOX Raffle🎟📦
There is a hash power raffle and veMBOX lottery. For more details, please check MEC BOX lottery rules. on the yellow “?” for full details

4️⃣Launched the MEC BOX system📦

Note: MEC BOX is expected to open trading on October 13

Until next time