MOBOX Update

👋 Hey Hey Here’s An Update Coming Your Way!

🆕 MOBOXers stay tuned for some epic updates to keep you in the know!

🗓Token Master (July 1st)‼️

1️⃣ All 4 levels of MOBOXing Ring will be available. Attacker and Defender will both have 50% chance to attack first.
2️⃣Added previous leaderboard rankings
3️⃣Revenge does not consume plunder attempts and does not increase stars. Limited to 5 revenge a day.
4️⃣Every 5 perfect plunders you receive, you will lose another star.

5️⃣Skill Adjustments
✅Welded Shield — Changed to effect 2 friendly targets
✅Death Contract — dmg is increased 1.5x
✅Death Curse — dmg increased 2x
6️⃣Optimized server performance
7️⃣⚠️MOMO Adventure will be updated on July 8th

🗓MOMO: NFT Farmer (July 2nd)‼️

1️⃣Legendary MOMO lottery
✅Every week there will be a Legendary NFT lottery event. Currently it is set for the next 3 weeks
✅Users with more than 3000 veMBOX can participate. Every 1000 veMBOX is equivalent to 1 lottery ticket
✅At 15:00 UTC every Thursday, veMBOX will be counted and lottery tickets will be distributed. The lottery draw will take place at 16:00 UTC every Thursday.
✅At the beginning of each draw, the BSC blocks will be used to determine the winner. Winner = Hash of 3 blocks mod and the total number of tickets
✅Legendary MOMO NFT will be transferred to the winner within 48 hours of the end of the event.
✅The lottery rules may change

🗓Legendary MOMO Auction‼️

✅Every week there will be one Legendary NFT auction event.
✅Starting bid will begin at 1000 MBOX with each bid afterwards being 1.2X of the previous bid
✅Whenever there is a successful bid, the previous bid will be return to the user
✅Everything Thursday at 16:00 UTC the auction will conclude. All MBOX invested in the bid will then be burned.
✅ The rightful owner will receive the Legendary MOMO NFT within 48 hours
✅ The auction rules may change

⚠️Trade Action will be shutdown beginning on July 2nd and will make a return on August 3rd with an updated system and UI.



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