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🔥ChainZ HOT UPDATE — Update will take place October 29th, 2020🔥

ChainZ Arena new server launch and updates as follows:

⭕️Server 1 & 2

▶️- Server 1 and 2 stats will be independent
▶️- 5% of Server 2 SOULdrops will go to Server 1 Total SOULdrops Pool. This portion will be taken from the developer cut.
▶️- Users cannot withdraw or deposit SOUL in Server 2
▶️- In the next update, there will be an internal exchange for SOUL where users can trade SOUL directly in-game
▶️- 3 months after the launch of Server 2 users will be able to vote on whether or not to merge Server 1 and 2

In-game Updates

▶️- Decay will be removed. AFK SOUL from Chapter 1–6 will be increased. SOUL from Chapter 7 onwards will be decreased slightly.
▶️- 2h to 12h AFK Hammer prices will be decreased significantly. In the next update, AFK Hammer will also mine “Guild Tokens”
▶️- Hero Expedition SOUL rewards will be changed to 25 SOUL
▶️- MBOX airdrop for S1 will stay the same: Total 3,000,000 MBOX tokens. S2 users will not get any portion of this.
▶️Team MOBOX will take an additional 2,000,000 MBOX tokens for S2 only. The airdrop rules will stay the same. It will be distributed over 100 days (20,000 MBOX tokens a day) starting from 5th November 2020
▶️Team MOBOX will use an additional 5% of their portion from S2 to buyback and burn SOUL.
▶️- Removed Hero Market 50% discount

Future Update

1. Guild: Guild members can mine Guild Tokens together. Guild tokens can be used in the Guild Store to exchange for Spirit, equipment, exclusive BOSS avatars, and exclusive Hero Skins. Guild battle and Guild BOSSes will also be added.

2. Hero Skin: Hero Skins can only be exchanged through the Guild Store and can be traded in the market. Hero Skins will increase hero attributes and special effects.

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