Here at MOBOX we are going, going, going, gone….BANANAS 🍌

Wanna know why? 🤔

HERE is it is….

We are having a LEGENDARY Auction going off on the….🔨

For the APE-tastic “Bobo Banana-Bot” 🐒

ApeSwap “Bobo Banana-Bot” NFT on

But that’s not all, there is also a Lottery on MOBOX! Simply stake your MBOX to gain veMBOX to receive tickets for the lottery! 🙉

It’s time to go Ape! 🦍 get your bids ready!

Come on don’t monkey around! 🙊

Who will be the “Bobo Banana-Bot” Closing Bidder will it be you?? 🙈

🍌These Monkey MOMO NFTs are going to be unique and will show true interoperability between the two platforms… Not to mention they are pretty darn cute too don’t you think?! 🙊

🙉The MOBOX Platform will support all ApeSwap NFTs in all our games, this again is a testament to true NFT cross platform interoperability.

🐒NOW who’s ready to have More fun than a barrel of Monkeys?!

🍌Lets Go BANANAS 🍌

Join In @



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