MOBOX x Binance NFT Marketplace

4 min readJul 23, 2021


📣The wait is over, MOBOXers!

We have heard the chitta chatta going around about:
MOMOs, NFTs…Binance…Marketplace…&..When?…..

➡️This is the moment you have all been talking about….

✨MOBOX officially has its Mystery Boxes listed on the Binance NFT Marketplace. Woohoo!🎉

We finally have a launch date too!📅

Can we get a WHOOP WHOOP! 🙌🙌

The MOBOX MOMO NFT Mystery boxes will be live on the 29th of July on the Binance NFT Marketplace. So lock it in!🔓

There will be a total of 25,000 Boxes available on the marketplace, with a price of $20 for each Mystery BOX.📦

📦What is a Mystery Box?📦

A Mystery Box provides you the chance to receive a random MOMO NFT. Each NFT has a different level of rarity.
Once you’ve bought the Mystery Box, you don’t have to open it straight away. You can open it whenever you want or even trade it without opening. The choice is yours!

In those 25,000 Boxes (1500 reserved for Community)that are available the following will appear:

◾️ Common MOMOs 12500 ← Probability 50%
◾️ Uncommon MOMOs 8750 ← Probability 35%
◾️ Unique MOMOs 3000 ← Probability 12%
◾️ Rare MOMOs 737 ← Probability 2.948%
◾️ Epic MOMOs 10← Probability 0.04%
◾️ Legendary MOMOs 3 ← Probability 0.012%

📦 While all of the MOBOX Mystery NFT Boxes you unlock on Binance will be able to be used on you will not be able to withdraw them straight away until Binance enables the send feature on the NFT platform.

✨There will be a total of 3 Legendary MOMO’s in the Mystery Boxes. There will be 1 x Goldorian Smart Chainadore , 1 x Bino Binancian Bot and 1 x Loda Team Alliance Legendary NFT.

🎮Loda & Team Alliance🎮

For anyone not familiar with with Loda and Team Alliance. Team Alliance is a world renowned Esports gaming organization and is one of the most recognizable brands in Esports. Team Alliance was created back in 2016 by one of the co founders Jonathan Berg aka “Loda”. Loda is a very well known Esports player (Dota2) if you dont know of him well nows your chance to get to now a mini NFT version of him.

❗️ Don’t have a Binance Account to purchase Mystery Box’s?

If you‘re new to Binance, you can get started in 4 quick and easy steps:

⭐️Users do not need to complete identity verification to trade NFTs.

⭐️Simply open a Binance account to begin buying and selling NFTs on the NFT Marketplace.

⭐️However, users may need to complete certain levels of verification to increase their respective deposit and withdrawal limits.

⭐️More ways to Win⭐️

While you are on the Binance NFT site purchasing and unlocking these amazing MOBOX Mystery Box’s you will also have multiple chances to win even more awesome prizes!

⭐️Event 1 — Team Alliance LODA Treasure Hunt

On the Binance MOBOX NFT Mystery Box page there will be a secret code. Enter the secret word on and bind your MOMO Farmer NFT address for your chance to win 1 LODA Team Alliance MOMO NFT. As part of this treasure hunt there will be a total of 500 Keys given away.

link for this even can be found HERE.

⭐️Event 2 — Win one of 50 Binance MOMO NFTs

If you collect a full set of MOMOs (The same MOMO common, uncommon, unique, rare) through the Binance Mystery Box’s you will get a limited edition Binance MOMO NFT.
⭐️There are only 50 of these available so be QUICK!
*This will be given out when user’s can withdraw from the Binance marketplace we will take a snapshot at a time TBD

⭐️Event 3 : Twitter Event

We will be giving away 100 Mystery boxes on twitter to 100 Lucky winners!
It’s simple to participate , simply take a screenshot being logged in on the Binance NFT Page and comment with that photo.

⭐️Event 4: Twitter Event

We will be giving away another 100 Mystery boxes on twitter to 100 Lucky Winners! Simply comment with your Binance UID code.

Now One Question Remains…..

👉Are you Ready to unlock & WIN!🔐

*Article is correct at time of writing 23rd July




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