What happens when you bring two Decentralized forces to GameFi & Rock The Crypto Space?

A MOMO-MDXplosion of MOBOX Madness! That’s What Happens!

MOBOX has Partnered up with MDEX!

To bring you an Epic Combination of:

✅ New & Legendary MOMO NFTs
✅ Opportunities to earn MDX
✅ and so much more

Here at MOBOX we pride ourselves in bringing communities together.
We are consistently looking at ways in-which we can partner & combine with some extra amazing Crypto Communities. In this growing ecosystem we believe mingling together and supporting one and other is of great importance.

So NOW without further ado…
here we have it….
The Details Below 👇

What Will The Partnership Of MOBOX x MDX Bring To The Game?

MDX Lottery@ MOBOX

Let’s get straight into the ins and outs of this Awesome Team Up!

As part of this collaboration between MOBOX and MDEX all veMBOX hodlers that are staking their veMBOX will have a chance to participate in the weekly draw to win MDX!

Wanna hear more?…

Of course you do 😏

💸There will be a total of $300,000 worth of MDX (**amount of MDX TBC) that can be gained through the MDEX Lottery!

That’s Right! $300,000 worth of (MDX) MDEX !
We bet you are!

Here’s More 👇

1️⃣Each MDX box has a chance to earn 5 different MDX amounts, the quantity is: 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20.

2️⃣ Free to participate, as long as the number of veMBOX meets the requirement, each address is limited to one participation per period

3️⃣The event will run from September 15 to December 8. There will be one participation every week, and the results will be displayed every Wednesday.

Full rules will be available on the mobox.io site before the event starts!

💫Legendary NFTs💫

Team MOBOX are creating 5 exclusive Legendary NFTs especially for MDEX. 🥰
Check out one of these cute little guys below 👇

During this Collaboration:
⭐️ 5 Legendary MOMO NFTs will be available to MOBOX and MDEX users.

⭐️MDEX will secure ONE of the Legendary MOMO NFTs while the other FOUR will be obtainable on the MOBOX Platform.

and guess what?

🔨This cutie will be available on auction on the MOBOX platform
next week !

LP Pool on MDEX

But WAIT….There’s more!
Starting on Wednesday the 15th of September there will be a MBOX/BNB Pool open on MDEX. Where users will receive MDX rewards.

Wanna know how?

⭐️Simply head over to mdex.com and stake your MBOX with BNB in the pool to be rewarded with MDX tokens!

⭐️A bit more About MDEX⭐️

MDEX is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange protocol that operates on the concept of fund pools, sharing some similarities with standard DEXs, but differentiating itself from competitors by using a multi chain model modeled on both the Ethereum network ,the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO) and the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC)

MDEX official website: https://mdex.com

📅Now Who Has Marked Their Calendars?
and SUPER Excited For This Event?🙌

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