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8 min readNov 30, 2022

The news of the exploration of Molantis spread rapidly in the MOMOverse. The curious inhabitants of other continents in the MOMOverse sent envoys to meet with the residents of Molantis to see what this fuss is all about.

After the meet & greet, the Molantis Guild decided to establish a trade relationship with other continents residents in the MOMOverse.

Molantis Orchard & Fruits

The Molantis continent has a longer rainy season with abundance of rain, warm climate and fertile soils that have cultivated countless delicious fruits.

The researchers of the Molantis Research Institute artificially optimized the genetic fruit breeding of local fruits, improved the cultivation methods, and selected 9 kinds of fruit most suitable for artificial cultivation.

According to different planting conditions, 5 planting schemes were developed for each fruit.

Different schemes can improve the yield and growth speed of the fruit in different ways and enhance the taste of the fruit. Residents can choose the most suitable planting plan according to their own orchards’ actual condition and material input.

With its extremely rare and great taste and sufficient yield, the fruit produced by Molantis is a local specialty, and quickly became popular all over the MOMOverse continents.

With the achievement of this, MOMOverse began trading, the first thing included in the list of trade items was the Molantis fruit.

*Fruit: A total of 9 kinds of fruit. Each fruit has a corresponding 5 planting schemes (there are demands for “Materials” of different qualities). Submitting fruit can be exchanged for “Prestige”; it can also be used to feed MOMO to obtain a limited-time production acceleration.

*Caution: Partial planting schemes are highly susceptible to thieves.

Deep Space Caravans

Since Molantis started trading with other continents, the residents have often visited the newly built “D.S.C (Deep Space Caravans)” commercial airport.

These D.S.C consist of continents. Residents can take spaceships to travel in the MOMOverse, explore new areas, expand space travel, establish business networks, and prosper the commodity trade in various continents. As the trade organizers of the MOMOverse they play the role of logistics and transportation.

Currently, the specialty fruits of Molantis are procured by these D.S.C and traded among the continents of MOMOverse.

For the conveniency, of the residents of Molantis, the D.S.C established a trade center near the MOHome of the local residents.

After the residents pick the fresh fruit in the MOHome orchard, they can directly complete the shipment and transportation at the place of origin. Once the trade is complete, the residents will gain a reputation with the D.S.C’s guild.

*Prestige: You can get MBOX rewards from the D.S.C. Every time you reach a stage, you can get more rewards. Reputation will reset after the D.S.C leaves.

MOHome Alpha Test Phase 2

💫MOHome is expected to be officially launched at 9:00 (UTC) on December 21.

MOHome Alpha Test Update

The MOMOverse Alpha test will end at 8:00 (UTC) on November 30, 2022, and leaderboard rewards will be issued.

MOHome will continue the Alpha test phase 2, which is expected to end at 8:00 (UTC) on December 21, 2022.

What is new:

❖ In the new Crate leaderboard, the number of rewards and Winners will remain unchanged. Open a new MOHome leaderboard, and the number of rewards and Winners will remain the same. Close the MOMO Boxing leaderboard.

❖ Added “private crate”. This method does not cost crate time. Crate items are private materials and cannot be traded.

❖ Adjust the unlock level request and function parameters of some MOHome buildings.

❖ Orchard and fruit trade will be launched during the test period.

*Please note: After the Alpha test phase 2, all the cost of binding materials and collections for MOHome during the test will be returned when MOHome is officially launched. MBOX cost will not be returned.

MOHome Phase 2 Abstract

❖ MOHome Charging
❖ MOHome Orchard
❖ Orchard Looting
❖ Deep Space Caravans

During the MOHome Alpha test phase 2, the following gameplay will be updated for test:

1. MOHome Charging: The “Charging Tower” can be built in MOHome. Friends in MOMOverse can recharge each other. When the charging tower is full of energy, the time-limited prosperity bonus BUFF can be activated.

2. MOHome Orchard: According to different plans, consume the corresponding “materials” for fruit planting. The higher the star rating of the planting plan, the greater the fruit output. Different plans have differences in planting time, yield, and the probability of being stolen.

3. Orchard Looting: “Lighthouse” can be built in MOHome. The lighthouse can randomly search for any MOMOverse player, and looting the player’s unharvested fruits.

4. Deep Space Caravans: Within every 24 hours, the visiting caravan in MOMOverse will randomly designate 3 kinds of fruits for buyback. Players will gain reputation after selling fruits. Fruit trade will be based on the player’s personal reputation as a percentage of MOMOverse’s overall reputation, and obtain MBOX as a reward.

5. MOHome Tasks: Every 72 hours, by completing various MOHome tasks, players can get rewards for reputation, looting and search cards.

*The above update is expected to launch on December 8, 2022.

◈ MOMO Farm and MOMOverse Resource Mining will be Merged

The MOMO Farm will soon be merged with MOMOverse Resource Mining, players will be able to use their MOMO to participate in both MOMO Farm Mining and Resource Mining in the MOMOverse.

❖ The rules are as follows

1. At 3 a.m. on 5 December UTC, MOMOverse will stop yielding resources. Players can migrate all MOMOs in the MOMOverse back to the MOMO Farm with one click into the MOMO Farm.

2. At 3 a.m. on 6th December UTC, the MOMOverse will restart resource mining and all MOMOs in MOMO Farm will be automatically mapped to MOMOverse and will automatically participate in resource mining.

*MOMOs that have not been migrated back to MOMO farms will not be automatically mapped, i.e. they will not be able to participate in resource mining in the MOMOverse.

3. Productivity per MOMO = Current Hash Power + Total Gem Bonus + Fixed Productivity Bonus, where the Gem Bonus for each level will be reduced by 50% compared to the current value. The Fixed Productivity Bonus will be reduced from 600 to 300. (Note: BEP-721 MOMOs that do not reach the Initial Hash Power requirement will lose their own Productivity and the Fixed Productivity Bonus)

*MOMOverse resource yield is expected to stop on the 5th December 2022 at 3 a.m. UTC;

*Merge Mining is expected to be updated on the 6th December 2022 UTC;

*Please migrate your MOMOs in MOMOverse back to MOMO Farm to participate in Merge Mining.

MOBOX Christmas Event

❖ Event 1 “MOMO Merge” will be available for a limited time.

About MOMO Merge

1. Only Rare and Epic MOMOs that have not yet reached the requirement can participate in MOMO Merge.
2. When merging, you must choose the main MOMO first, then choose a MOMO that is the same quality as the main MOMO as the merging material.
3. When merging, the level and initial hash power of the main MOMO and the MOMO used as the merging material will be calculated together, the material MOMO will be consumed and the main MOMO will be given a new Initial Hash Power and a new Level.

*The merged MOMO’s “Initial Hash Power” may exceed the current hash power limit in MOMO farm.


The event is expected to start from 21 December 2022 to 20 January 2023 UTC, with MOMO Merge following the end of the event.

❖Event 2 — MOHome Christmas Bash

The MOMOverse MOHome official version is scheduled to go live on the 21st December at 17:00 UTC and players can participate in the MOHome Christmas Bash series which will last for 30 days.

◈ MEC Buyback

More than *3,000,000 MBOX* accumulated through the market fees & crafting consumptions in the MOMOverse will be officially distributed into MOMOverse in the third stage.
Among them, 50% of the MBOX will be accumulated in the guild’s reward pool, 25% of the MBOX will be put into the buy-back pool for regular burn and 25% will be distributed into the MBOX ecosystem pool for MEC buyback and burn.

❖ MEC Buyback Address

As of 29 November 2022, the MBOX balance was 2,298,754.047.

*The above ratio may be adjusted in the future.
*MEC buyback has not been activated yet; an announcement will be released before the MEC buyback is officially launched.

◈ MOMO Farm Mining Cap Merged

MOMO Farm is expected to migrate its daily cap on Hash Power Mining Yield by 50,000 MBOX ( previously capped at 100,000 MBOX) on 22 December at 3 a.m. UTC, leaving MOMO Farm with a daily Mining Cap of 50,000 MBOX;

The daily yield limit in the MOMOverse has been updated to 100,000 MBOX, including 50,000 MBOX per day from the MOMO Farm, mainly through the “Prestige” and “Prosperity” components.

As the second phase of MOHome begins, daily activities such as “Create Planting Area”, “ Cultivate Fruit Trees”, “Fruit Trade” and “Fruit Looting” will be introduced.

Players can unlock more planting areas by creating an orchard to cultivate fruit trees and harvest fruit. The process begins with residents visiting the Molantis Laboratory and using Crafted Materials in exchange for planting schemes developed in the laboratory.

This significantly increases the daily usage and consumption of ‘Crafted Materials’ in the MOMOverse, turning ‘resources’ into an essential reserve for every resident. All resources depend on MOMO’s constant work in the mines to yield them.

When the MOMO Farm and MOMOverse resource mines are merged, players no longer need to perform the tedious operations of MOMO relocation, which lowers the entry barrier to the MOMOverse and provides further value to the MOMOs.

The month-long event will be starting during the Christmas period, with the “MOMO Merge” and the MOMOverse Home Christmas Bash, which will be launched with the MOMOverse MOHome.

Please do not use the content of this announcement as a basis for any investment.
Do your own research!

30 November 2022




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