MOLand Defense presents the “Anniversary & Wishes” event! WIN A LEGENDARY MOMO NFT

3 min readApr 25, 2023

Commanders, you are cordially invited to join us in the anniversary celebration! Rally your troops and take part in the festivities!

1. Resource Gathering
The latest reconnaissance team has discovered rare minerals in the mountains at the edge of the world! The riches are abundant, and the treasures are countless! Equip your mining gear and embark on an expedition to the mines!
Inside the mines, you will discover various rare ore resources, and it is rumored that incredibly precious treasures are hidden within! Earn the title of “Master Ore Collector” by collecting enough ores, and your commanding heroes’ attributes will be greatly enhanced!

2. Military Exercise
A new PvP instance featuring three major factions competing on the same stage, where the competition is evenly matched and fair!
Commanders, join a random faction, team up with your allies, and transform into a fierce battlefield scavenger defending the invaded city!
In the instance, you will encounter gift pack monsters, and defeating them will earn you unexpected prizes!

3. MOMO Anniversary Celebration Event
Participate in a simple game knowledge quiz and earn candle props!
Light up candles to make anniversary wishes, and you may have a chance to win rare fashion rewards!
Top the leaderboard by accumulating points, and the commander who ranks first will win the grand prize — [Legendary MOMO]!

4. MBOX Cap Depreciation
Dear commanders, to ensure the stable development of the game, a consumption depreciation mechanism will be implemented after the start of the S29 season.
When the mechanism is online, at the end of each season, the total value of MBOX consumed by commanders will be reduced by 1.4%, and 50% MBOX vouchers will be compensated.

5. MBOX Voucher Trading Market
To facilitate trading among commanders, a new MBOX voucher trading market has been opened! The market is conveniently located in the main city trading center, so you can trade with ease!

6. Hero Fashion
The “Anniversary Extravaganza” event’s hero fashions are now available!
The Riot Zealot sneaks into the arcade district, becoming the top [Arcade Master], wielding a pixel gun, and bombing the entire field with pixel skills!
The Luminous Gatling puts on a gold necklace, transforming into a [Business Mogul], wielding a cash-filled Gatling gun, and unleashing the ultimate power of cash! Participate in the candle wish activity of the “Anniversary Extravaganza” for a chance to draw the above rare fashions!

7. Season Avatar Frame and Title
Season avatar frames and titles are always a must-have! The S27 season avatar frame and Arena title are coming as scheduled, so commanders, don’t miss out!

8. Relic Exploration Level Cap Raised to Level 14
In response to your calls, we have raised the level cap of relic exploration to level 14! By consuming a certain amount of MBOX, you can easily unlock higher privileges and receive generous MEC rewards upon completion!

25 April 2023




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