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MoMo Block Brawler

2 min readJun 21, 2021


Announcing our next upcoming Adventure & Game with MOMO Block Brawler.

Here at MOBOX we have been working endlessly behind the scenes to bring more MOMO fun to your screens.

We are excited to give you a sneak peak into what's to come in the coming months with MOMO Block Brawler.

Read along for more details below

Blockchain Brawler is an RPG game focusing on battle strategy. Blockchain Brawler has 6 hero classes that you can choose from: Barbarian, Duelist, Monk, Ranger, Assassin, and Mage. Collect and smelt equipment sets, match skills and talents, and create the perfect strategy to defeat your friends and BOSSes.


  1. MOMO farming: Your MOMO’s will automatically collect gold coins, equipment and skill books. The higher the hash power the more efficient your MOMOs will collect resources.
  2. Gem Bonus: Inlaid Gems will provide special battle attributes to heroes. Different Gems will give different bonus attributes.
  3. Equipment Smelting: No equipment ever goes wasted. By smelting equipment, there is a chance to re-create the highest quality equipment.
  4. Skill matching: Heroes can be equipped with 6 skills in total. Through the massive skill library, you can mix and match the form the best combination that suites your style.
  5. Block Battlefield: The battlefield is divided into 4 battle zones: Bronze, Silver, Gold, King. Beginning with bronze battle field, all other battled files are closed with entry conditions. Players can only compete with players in the same battlefield.
  6. Hero Trial: Daily gameplay that resets daily. There are 100 levels in the Hero Trial Tower. Your hero has 12 chances to challenge.
  7. MOBOSS: Daily BOSS battle that resets daily, rewarded users with MBOX according to damage dealt, total damage, and final blood.
  8. Market: Trade equipment freely and openly in the equipment Market.
  9. Talent Tree: Consume talent points to gain powerful attribute bonuses and special abilities.
  10. Season ranking rewards: Season rewards are divided according to battlefield rankings: Silver, Gold, and King. In addition there will be rewards for Hero Trial and MOBOSS.




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